Caduceus Weekly Report 36

Ecosystem & Operations

Community Updates & Activities

Caduceus Technical Report

Block Browser V1.1 — Performance

  • Error fixed
  • When the contract transaction fails, the browser executes the Trace Debug operation on the EVM transaction. This allowed error messages such as those specified in the contract code to be displayed.

Testnet V2.0 (Pegasus) Development — Development Progress

  • Created MetaRing Gateway node for the trading pool
  • Continued coding the module for the transaction pool: add transactions, obtain transactions.
  • Developed MetaNebula VerificationNode: CaduVMs submodules.
  • Constructed the global unique identification data structure of the read-write set and began to create the algorithm’s preliminary logic. Added the read-write set data structure to the performed transaction and added the read-write set field to the block.
  • Added a co-routine pool to perform batch transactions that have previously been graded in parallel, and enabled the termination of ongoing co-routine pool activities, supporting the requirement to raise the number of co-routines as the number of cores rises.

Edge Rendering System — Business System

  • Conducted a combined debugging test of the whole system and prepared to develop the economic system’s program interface.

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