Fundamentals of the Caduceus Edge Rendering Management System (Part 2) How does edge rendering architecture deliver both high bandwidth and low latency?

2 min readNov 15, 2022

With the rapid growth of blockchain technology and edge computing, long-standing obstacles to the creation of decentralised rendering applications, such as high latency and high development costs, are gradually being removed. At the same time, the metaverse industry is gathering momentum and edge computing technology, exemplified by edge rendering, is gaining broad adoption. As the new infrastructure of the metaverse, edge computing is a fundamental requirement of dApp developers and blockchain miners. In this series, we are exploring in-depth how developers and miners can obtain a decisive advantage by using the Caduceus edge rendering system.

In this article, we describe how the Caduceus edge rendering architecture accomplishes its goal of high bandwidth with low latency.

The Path to High Bandwidth, Low Latency

Edge rendering systems dramatically improve rendering efficiency and enable cooperation across network nodes, generating significant benefits in the form of ultra-low latency, security, reliability, and efficient application operations. The following elements must be in place for edge rendering to achieve its goal:

  1. High-performance Processing

Edge rendering system architecture is designed to deliver high bandwidth, low latency and low power consumption, perfectly matching the growing demands of the metaverse industry. It also balances performance and cost, improves processing power, increases throughput, and is highly effective in multi-channel deep learning acceleration scenarios such as artificial intelligence.

2. Hardware Acceleration

Using dedicated optimisation at the hardware level, video encoding and decoding via graphics cards achieves higher performance and lower energy usage than non-hardware acceleration.

3. Edge Intelligence

The rendering architecture supports artificial intelligence, edge computing, and the ability to consolidate workloads across nodes to deliver enhanced performance, security and operational control. Importantly, the combination of high performance, low power consumption and high availability also enables developers and miners to operate flexibly, shorten development time and cost, and support multiple rendering tasks and application scenarios.

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