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Become a Cadet and join our legion of creators to be in with the chance of winning $CMP tokens and a very limited-edition NFT!

Caduceus is committed to building the next generation of high-performance Metaverse infrastructure and taking an important step in advancing and democratizing technology toward commercialisation.

Seeking to empower developers with a whole new Metaverse experience, Caduceus has focussed its efforts on improving and developing its tools, by establishing a set of business principles and technical applications to help spearhead the development of the Web3 movement.

By improving the level of community governance and understanding of its brand mission Caduceus has exponentially increased the growth of its community of creators, with more and more developers joining the Caduceus fold.

Helping to further accelerate its mission, to celebrate the launch of the Caduceus mainnet, we have launched a content creation campaign with exclusive prizes. Here’s what you need to know about getting involved!

In order to be in with the chance of winning $CMP token rewards and an exclusive limited NFT all you need to do is share a written submission of what Caduceus means to you.

*Please see further guidelines to consider when submitting your competition entry below:

Things to consider when writing your competition entry:

1. The article should consider the following:

  • The direction of Caduceus network development and its future prospects
  • The technical advantages made available through Caduceus innovation
  • Community governance and ecological developments

2. The topic should be prepared by yourself and the language is not limited. A single article should not be less than 800 words.

3. Your application should not exceed a citation ratio of more than 30%

4. The title must contain ‘Caduceus’

Event period:

Competition entries will open from 27th May to 10th June 2022

Content Review:

All competition entries will be reviewed between 11th to 15th June, 2022

Voting time:

Voting will open from 16th June to 19th June 2022

Event requirements:

1. Article content can be published to any platform, such as (Reddit, Mirror — Decentralized content platform)

2. Share your article link to your Twitter and tag @Caduceus_CMP

3. Fill in the Google form: (*Only for Content creators)

Selection Rules:

1. After the event period ends, we will select our top 10 submissions and initiate a vote in the Discord channel: ✍︱content-selection-voting

  • Votes Rank 1: The winner will receive an exclusive community NFT badge* 1+200 $CMP tokens
  • Votes Rank 2–5: Each winner will receive an exclusive community NFT badge * 1+100 $CMP tokens
  • Votes rank 6–10: Each winner will receive an exclusive community NFT badge * 1+50 $CMP tokens

2. All users who participate in voting will share 300 $CMP tokens

3. All selected content will be shared on the Caduceus Discord channel.

Content reference channels:

Terms and Conditions

The reward will be distributed no later than July 15

Participants who meet the above conditions will receive an airdrop of NFT badges and $CMP tokens to their corresponding Caduceus mainnet wallet addresses after the event.

Community NFT badge holders will enjoy exclusive privileges in the Caduceus ecosystem

Join the community:









Caduceus Metaverse Protocol — Providing an open blockchain platform for Metaverse development. Join the community —

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