Caduceus: Your keys to new kingdoms

3 min readMar 18, 2022


The metaverse is like sex. Everyone’s talking about it. Everyone thinks differently about it. Everyone thinks everyone else is doing it. And everyone thinks they should be doing it too.

The truth is no one really knows what it is because it’s being created with every passing day. That’s what makes it so exciting.

Despite the renaming of a well-known organisation, some massive acquisitions from big tech names, and everyone and their dog claiming they are a metaverse company, the metaverse is not fully formed. It’s in its infancy. Bathing in infinite possibility.

So we know what it’s not.

It’s not just some avatars floating around in front of a whiteboard. Sorry whiteboard lovers but ‘work but different’ is not the limit of human imagination.

It’s not a thinly-veiled gaming ecosystem designed to sell ads and mine personal data. At least it shouldn’t be.

It’s not a global superstar doing one gig in Decentraland.

It may involve all of those things, but it’s much bigger than that. It’s anything we want it to be and we shouldn’t feel restrained by simply reimagining what happens in the real world.

We stand at the precipice of a total redefinition of the internet and our imagination should be ungoverned and unrestrained.

It’s time to create. It’s time to build.

But the builder needs know-how and tools. The painter needs paint and a palette. We need a strong foundation that fuels creativity and powers the change from ideas to execution.

It’s time to lay down some rails. Lay down some track.

That’s what we’re all about. A new community coming together to catalyse creativity the world over. Build together, discover together, learn together, and get rewarded together. I know what you’re thinking. Sounds great, but what does it really mean?

First and foremost, it means a brand spanking new metaverse infrastructure that is trustworthy, efficient, safe, and reliable.

It means inspiring open-source software, and a tonne of components that people can use to build and create.

It means a truly scalable blockchain network to deliver NFT asset security, fund security, user privacy security, trusted transactions, automated settlement and all the other beautiful technical developments that should be the bread and butter of a new decentralised internet.

It means vast distributed storage that can underpin continuous creation.

It means innovative mixed reality Glass hardware that allows more and more people to discover the metaverse in more and more ways.

It means bridging the gap between blockchain and 3D environment creation to set art standards that makes it easier to build together.

It means more intuitive user interfaces to interact with the metaverse in more meaningful experiences.

These are the keys to new kingdoms my friend. Join us and we’ll create them together.

We’re calling on any change-makers who imagine different worlds and new ways of doing things. Anyone who wants to redefine play, travel, education, entertainment and all the beautifully blurred spaces in between.

Join our community and be on the watch. It’s all happening.




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