Caduceus welcomes HAPE, the much celebrated NFT fashion brand to join the chain.

3 min readMay 5, 2022

Caduceus welcomes an exciting strategic partner today, in world renowned NFT fashion brand HAPE, the latest in an expanding series of partners to join the Caduceus Blockchain.

Bringing an engaged community of 500,000 global members, partnering with HAPE will supercharge growth of the Caduceus community, with a host of new features powered by Caduceus as part of its ‘Phase 2’ offering.

The brainchild of Matt Sypien, founder of London design agency Digimental Studios, HAPE made headlines in January this year when it launched 8,192 unique Ethereum-based NFTs which cleverly borrowed stylistic cues from street fashion, tech, and music.

Originally sold for $600 each, HAPE is the biggest recent launch in the NFT sector, with pre-release fever drawing more than 450,000 people to the HAPE Discord channel, breaking all records for a NFT release — all clamouring to be the first on the HAPELIST, with recent resale purchases for HAPE’s on OpenSea exceeding $20,000.

The move is exciting news for all parties as it will see HAPE’s celebrated NFTs partner with Caduceus as part of the next phase for business. This will include the launch of tokenomics, the HAPE ecosystem and HAPE evolution to create a fully engaging Metaverse experience. This includes HAPEWALK, a brand new metaverse concept core to the HAPE brand, which offers a new space for collaborations and brand extensions.

Digimental, HAPE founder : “It has been a wild journey for HAPE after the successful launch in January. We’ve created a loyal community of over 500,000 followers globally, and have an incredibly exciting roadmap planned and are excited to do that with Caduceus Blockchain.

“We have decided to partner with Caduceus as part of this next phase due to its easy adoption, fast transaction speeds, and super low gas fees, to build a Metaverse with cross project tokens. This will implement CMP tokens in our ecosystem to start to create a seamless Metaverse experience.”

Tim Bullman, Caduceus co-founder : “After almost 3 years of research and development, Caduceus has created a robust protocol to provide an infrastructure layer of future Metaverse development. Our goal is to reduce the development cost and shorten the development journey by using our unique protocol. We are so glad to have HAPE partnering with Caduceus and we believe with the strong skill set in both blockchain and the fashion industry, HAPE and Caduceus will set the benchmark for the entire sector.”

  • The next phase for HAPE will see the launch of tokenomics, the HAPE ecosystem and HAPE evolution — all powered by Caduceus Blockchain to create for a fully engaging Metaverse experience
  • The announcement follows a $4 million series A investment round for Caduceus, valuing the business at over $80 million
  • HAPE partnership comes off the back of an exponential period of growth for Caduceus

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