Caduceus Weekly Report 84

Dec 20, 2023


Community Updates & Activities


Voting regarding the Caduceus V.20 Upgrade Proposal is NOW OPEN!

Make your voice heard before 21st December by voting with CMP using this link:

Full details of the proposal can be found here:

Caduceus Technical Weekly Report

Blockchain Explorer — Development Progress:

• Transaction Graph Feature:

Frontend: Adjust the background colour of the expanded nodes.

TestNet V2.0 (Pegasus)

• MetaRing GatewayNode:

Testing: Conducting dual-node operation tests in the public network environment.

Development: Adding caching functionality for getTransactionByHash and testing.

• MetaNet:

Development: Adding inter-node message transmission interface, enabling block and batch queries through peer nodes.

• MetaSentry:

Development: Implementing the newly added Commit L1 block hash functionality.


• Functional Testing:

Testing contract transactions: When deploying transactions, an error occurs: “cannot find the tx for the hash.”




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