Caduceus Weekly Report 82

2 min readNov 28, 2023

Community Updates & Activities

Exciting news!

Our Mainnet Upgrade 2.0 proposal is coming up. This upgrade will bring significant enhancements to our platform.

What’s Next:

- Detailed proposal and voting guidelines will be announced soon

- Stay alert for our upcoming announcements and prepare to cast your vote!

Your participation is crucial in shaping our platform’s future. We value your support and look forward to a successful upgrade together.

Caduceus CMP has secured a position among the Top 10 gainers in the cryptocurrency market over the past 24 hours!

Caduceus Technology Weekly Report

Blockchain Explorer — Development Progress:

• Transaction Graph Functionality:

Backend: Fixed the issue with missing transaction graph raw transaction data address type field.

Backend: Fixed data return issues for the current contract and current query address with no transaction data.

Backend: Collaborated with the frontend for joint debugging, provided data, and deployed testing, etc.

Frontend: Optimized issues such as switching limit linkage, details linkage, etc.

TestNet V2.0 (Pegasus) — Development Progress:

• MetaRing GatewayNode:

Testing: Built Docker images, conducted local area network testing across two nodes on different hosts.

• MetaNet:

Optimization: Fixed an issue where the uint flag in the configuration file was not correctly parsed.

Optimization: Enhanced lru cache space utilisation, added cache-related metrics monitoring, and optimised log output.

Optimization: Improved deployment scripts for this module.

• MetaNebula VerificationNode:

Started designing incentive layer mechanisms: validator rotation, block rewards, etc.

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