Caduceus Weekly Report 80

2 min readNov 7, 2023

Community Updates & Activities

Details of the Caduceus 2.0 update are currently being finalised and will be released in the near future. After the announcement the voting page will be accessible for all CMP holders to participate in decentralised governance and vote on the new update.

The Roadmap to Success: Caduceus’s Vision and Future Plans.

Caduceus in the Real World: Use Cases and Real-World Applications.

Caduceus Technology Weekly Report

Block Explorer — Development Progress:

• Transaction Graph Feature:

  • Backend: Added data display for internal transactions and contract transactions;
  • Backend: Added interface for listing internal/contract transactions under transaction details;
  • Backend: Added an interface for retrieving contract names.

Testnet V2.0 (Pegasus) — Development Progress:

• MetaRing GatewayNode:

  • Optimised: Added error retry mechanism for sending BatchTxs and tested it;
  • Testing: Memory consumption testing;
  • Testing: Debugged block callback, query, and maintenance issues;

• MetaNet:

  • Optimised: Added full batch tx disk caching, stored in 10,000 folders;
  • Optimised: Updated group network subscription logic, automatically added network data to local storage on program startup, and distributed it to clients through gRPC streaming twice;

• MetaNebula VerificationNode:

  • Fixed: Memory leak issue;
  • Testing: Deployed and ran on multiple nodes;

• MetaVM Submodule:

  • Testing: Parallel testing speed optimised, achieving 50,000 TPS in cases with 10,000 from addresses and 10,000 to addresses;
  • Optimised: Adjusted the way the database is updated in parallel;
  • Optimised: Used pprof to profile CPU usage for code functionality blocks;
  • Optimised: Improved block header copy and msg values in the transaction splitting section;
  • Optimised: Added interface methods to support parallel database writing.

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