CADUCEUS: Weekly Report 7

2 min readMay 2, 2022


Ecology & Co-operation

On April 26th, Footprint — an all in one analysis platform to visualize your discoveries in blockchain data, joined the CMP.

On April 29th, Altbase — a leading app where you can buy altcoins & Altbase tokens with a credit or debit card, joined the CMP.

Community Updates & Activities

1. On April 29th, the Caduceus team held an AMA live event with Satoshi Club. Caduceus representatives shared the Caduceus project concept and future ecological plans that will give Metaverse developers and applications all the needed support, to create more value for Metaverse. Tons of users participated in this AMA. In the interactive session, a total of 100 lucky users received 1000 CMP tokens.

2. The Caduceus egghunt event is still ongoing. Many community participants have already submitted their answers. The winners will receive rewards worth up to $700,000, as well as 500 limited NFTs and further rewards. The event will end on May 16th. Join the fun, find all the eggs and submit your answer as soon as possible. Good luck!

Caduceus’s first brand promotional video and Egg Hunt competition link:

Technical Updates

Mainnet V1.0 was internally launched


• Bitkeep/Onto

- Launch of the mainnet

• Completed mainnet’s internal structure

- Completed the DAPP docking and technical details

  • Completed Bitkeep/Onto wallet docking and testing

Blockchain browser V1.1 version was completed and ready to launch

• Completed development and optimization

• Modified the calculation error in the account balance and position ratio section on the TopAccounts page

• Modified BlockList page, some block data bugs were fixed

  • Completed the deployment of the main web browser and configured global network acceleration

Testnet V2.0 (Pegasus) development progress

• Development progress

• Developed CUDA C++ transaction execution module: completed the template class code optimization for elliptic curve recovery public key algorithm change

• Developed MetaRing GatewayNode: completed the high-efficiency pressure on the batch transaction part of the TxPools transaction pool abbreviation

• Developed MetaNeural Network ValidatorNode: completed efficient decompression algorithm for batch transactions

Edge Rendering System

Development Progress:

• Commenced developing functional modules for input operations such as user side mouse/keyboard operations for cloud computing nodes;

• Continued developing the code to realize the NAT traversal access module of edge network nodes

  • Commenced designing the UI interface and functional operation of the miner resource system and made the system operation flowcharts, prototype diagrams and user interface diagrams.

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