Caduceus Weekly Report 53

3 min readMar 27, 2023

Hi everyone, we’ve had a great week on the Caduceus chain. Below is a few of our highlights. We’re very excited to share with you our Bridge project as well as introducing ‘CMP Wrapped’. More information available below.

Caduceus has announced the integration of two token bridges into the ecosystem:

Caduceus Bridge —

The Multichain Bridge —

More information:

Caduceus are thrilled to announce ‘Wrapped CMP’

A simple yet valuable smart contract and portal to help retail and developers convert their #CMP tokens into Wrapped CMP tokens which follow the #ERC20 standard.

Find out more below:

Community Updates & Activities

MetaTalk Episode 5 with Mechaverse, Metarace, Artreus & FoxWallet is now out! We explore the AIGC driven #Metaverse and how it may affect every aspect of our lives, from digital entertainment to lifestyle.

On March 23rd, MultiDAO hosted a workshop on AnyCall v7. As a partner and developer, Caduceus was asked to participate in this session and presented the AnyCall integration:

Technical Report

Block Explorer — New Features:

• Created the email activation page after account registration;
• Created and changed the email page;
• Added a password re-entry form to the email page;
• Created the Token approvals page and list;

• Sent activation email page, account activation email page, combined front-end and back-end function debugging

• Designed the implementation of the NFT API (compatible with Alchemy)
• Installed IPFS local nodes and compose deployment papers
• Token-collection module design: implemented major technical elements like IPFS file processing, MetaData thumbnail processing, and NFT contract judgment

• Token Approvals function: basic back-end work is complete, and the data interface is ready for collaborative debugging with the front end.

• ERC1155 contract type analysis is under development

Testnet V2.0 (Pegasus) development:

• MetaP2P:

  • From London to Singapore, a single node may obtain a transmission speed of 10MB/s, while a multi-node technique can achieve a transmission speed of more than 30MB/s, thereby satisfying the 100k TPS performance criteria for network bandwidth.

• MetaRing GatewayNode:

  • Used the Profile tool to identify memory utilisation issues
  • Resolved memory usage issues in phases
  • Added command line queries

• MetaNebula VerificationNode, MetaNebula module:

  • Problem of inaccurate historical data query resolved using MetaVM (CaduVMs) submodule
  • Simplified a portion of the EVM virtual machine’s source code
  • Installed an eWASM virtual machine
  • Resolved the issues caused by the addition of eWASM
  • Composed a set of transaction test scenarios

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