Caduceus Weekly Report 52

3 min readMar 20


On March 17th, we were pleased to announce GAGARIN World joined Caduceus as an ecosystem partner!

GAGARIN World is an expert launchpad for incubating projects and launching IDOs

The Caduceus community can now invest in promising projects using WCMP by selecting the Caduceus Network.

We are delighted to announce that ChainGPT joined the Caduceus ecosystem on March 13th!

ChainGPT is a powerful artificial intelligence model designed with blockchain and cryptocurrency development in mind!

Community Updates & Activities

On March 16th, the 4th MetaTalk roundtable discussion held by Caduceus took place. In this issue, the creators and leaders of OpenFabricAI, Chain GPT, Gamestarter, and Mises were invited to debate how AI would impact digital services. Lucky participants also received airdrop rewards from the invited speakers.

Catch up with MetaTalk 4 here:

MetaTalk Episode 5 incoming! 📡 — Thursday 23rd March

We’ll be joined by Mechaverse, Metarace, Artreus & FoxWallet as we discuss the AIGC driven Metaverse 🔥

Complete the tasks below & you can win part of the $200 USDT prize pool!

Join here:

Caduceus, XP.Network, Hape and CryptoSkyland recorded a video AMA. The project leaders answered questions submitted by their communities and shared valuable insights about NFTs, cross-chain bridging, fashion, metaverse, and the future of Web3. Catch up on the whole conversation above!

Caduceus Technical Report

Block Explorer

• General Updates

  • Changed the case of all API parameter names to lowercase:
  • Enhanced support for Recaptcha verification to avoid bot attacks
  • Created pages for email confirmation and account activation
  • Added email verification to the registration process, modified the change email procedure, and added an email verification function
  • Function of the transaction graph reviewed

Testnet V.2 (Pegasus) Development

• MetaP2P: Conducted module functionality testing

  • Conduct module performance evaluation
  • Perform Worldwide Internet Speed testing

• MetaRing GatewayNode

  • Diagnosed memory reclamation problems
  • Enhanced the account interface for batch query Nonce
  • Raised the maximum number of total sorted transactions
  • Developed a performance test software for RPC interface

• MetaNebula Verification Node: MetaNebula module:

  • Corrected the issue in which the application terminates unexpectedly when StateDB commits
  • Determined the cause of the inaccurate historical data query (in progress)

• MetaVM (CaduVMs) submodule:

  • Constructed test plans and test cases for massively parallel transactions
  • Constructed framework for performance test program scalability
  • Abstraction and reconstruction of the structure of virtual machine code

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