Caduceus Weekly Report 51

4 min readMar 14, 2023

What a busy week it’s been on chain. Take a read below for the all the latest updates in the Caduceus ecosystem.

Ecosystem & Operations

DeMe joined the Caduceus ecosystem on March 8th. DeMe is a decentralised social platform that is bringing social media into the Web3 era..

On 10th March, we were pleased to announce our latest partnership with the licensed on/off-ramp, Utorg.

Users in 175 countries will be able to buy $CMP with Visa/Mastercard, bank transfers + more! Buy $CMP now at

We are thrilled to announce that NFT Drops Calendar joined Caduceus as an ecosystem partner on March 11th!

NFT Drops Calendar is the most selective NFT calendar that keeps track of popular upcoming NFTs drops

Caduceus’ most recent NFT projects can now be tracked on this platform.

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On 12th March, we welcomed NFT Drops Radar to Caduceus!

NFT Drops Radar is another selective NFT calendar that keeps track of active and upcoming NFT drops, which will enable community members to keep an eye on up and coming NFT projects, including from projects in the Caduceus ecosystem!

Community Updates & Activities

We’re very happy to announce that Episode 4 of MetaTalk is going live with

OpenFabricAI, Chain GPT, Gamestarter & Mises!


⏰ Thursday 16th March 11am UTC

To be in with a chance of winning a share of 300 USDT prize pool just complete the tasks below:

🚨 🚨

The video AMA coordinated by Caduceus, HAPE, XP Network, and CryptoSkyland was postponed, and shall be recorded on Wednesday 15th March. The various project leaders will respond to the community’s questions and give their taken on the future of NFTs, with insight into cross-chain bridging.

Caduceus and XT.COM have created a fixed savings activity, in which participants can freely select a savings period of 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days, with a projected annualised return of up to 65%.

Event details:

The “Caduceus is Everywhere” contest has reached a critical juncture as the number of high-quality submissions increases. Please submit your best efforts in a timely fashion. On March 15, we will also determine the top 10 rankings and provide $CMP awards.

Event Details:

Caduceus Technical Report

Block Explorer


• Browser modification error return when login verification (released)
• Added login error limit (released)

• Added Recaptcha authentication support (work in progress)

• Added email verification when registering (in progress)

- Added functionality: Begin constructing the trading graph

- Technology preliminary study:

• Transaction graph function: Resolved the issue wherein certain services fail to start once the graph database cluster has been halted.

Testnet V2.0 (Pegasus) Development

  • MetaP2P: Tested transfer speed and optimized memory utilization (in progress)
    • MetaCryptor: Optimized multi-coroutine execution: The speed of signature verification for a single-core CPU can reach 5000–6000 TPS; for machines with 8-core CPUs, it can reach 45K TPS; hence, cloud servers with 16 or 24 core CPUs can accomplish 100K TPS.

MetaCryptor module has not yet been optimised, the signature verification stage is temporarily bypassed, and gRPC is used to directly submit the transaction using from to run the Nonce sorting function.

• MetaNebula VerificationNode: MetaNebula module:

1. Changed the update and creation functions of StateDB MetaVM (CaduVMs) submodule:

2. The transfer amount during a multi-transaction sending process was inaccurate.

3. Compared parallel and serial tests for completed transactions

4. Modified the virtual machine execution module’s content synchronously and partially reconstruct the virtual machine structure
5. Write transaction complexity test cases and their brief documentation

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