Caduceus Weekly Report 50

4 min readMar 7, 2023

It’s that time again Cadets, this week’s development report is now up. Take a read a let us know your thoughts.

Ecosystem & Operations

MeStar joined the Caduceus ecosystem on March 2nd. MeStar is a multi-module gaming platform that enables users to play and develop games inside the expansive Metaverse.

Caduceus will be part of the CoinBureau 2023 cryptocurrency conference. This year the CoinBureau Live event will be hosted in London, bringing together the industry’s leading influencers, projects, decision-makers, and investors to explore the future of blockchain and Web3.

Community Updates & Activities

On March 6th, Caduceus and XT.COM launched a Fixed Saving activity, which allows participants to specify the saving period and offers annualised returns of up to 80%.

Activity details:

The $CMP Trading Contest, which was organised by Caduceus in conjunction with XT.COM, has concluded, and the prizes will be given after the data has been compiled.

On Saturday 4th March we announced our upcoming AMA with HAPE, XP Network and Crypto Skyland.

We’ll be talking NFTs, Cross-chain Bridging, Fashion, Gaming and The Metaverse. The video AMA will go live on the 10th March.

Caduceus Technical Report

Mainnet V1.0 maintenance

  • Release: The official WebSocket RPC node is now accessible at wss:/
  • New feature: Began developing the pages and operations of the TokenApprovalChecker, NFT, and CRC1155 module
  • Completed the technical evaluation of the transaction graph database.
  • Finished the deployment of the graph database in standalone and cluster mode
  • Conducted easy database operation testing using direct client-to-database connection

Testnet V2.0 (Pegasus) development

• MetaP2P:

  • Enhance node management
  • Added connection failure retry limit
  • Added BootNode acquisition technique, which is accessible through DNS TXT records Add connection to gRPC
  • Prepatring for a test of single-point transfer speed

• MetaRing Gateway Nodes:

  • Added feature for transaction sending rate limit
  • Added routines for timeout, cancel, and heartbeat
  • Delivered transaction batches in parallel to the consensus network Test: TxPool keeps address Nonce batches, normal; confirmation of address timeout resends, normal

Tested the performance of the RPC interface (single node):

  1. 67,000 transactions per second in 1 gRPC format with receiving and sending on the same system.
  2. JSON-RPC format (one transaction), receiving and transmitting from the same device: 15,000 transactions per second
  3. JSON-RPC transactions (one transaction) transmitted from Dublin, Ireland to Japan at a rate of 2000 per second.
  4. 130,000 transactions per second for the JSON-RPC format (batch sending, 350 transactions per request).
  5. Transfer to gRPC to transmit a single transaction when JSON-RPC gets transactions in batches. 60,000 transactions per second (return immediately, do not wait for CheckTx reception); 40,000 transactions per second (wait for CheckTx receipt)

• MetaNebula VerificationNode: MetaNebula module:

  1. Went to the state database StateDB encoding MetaVM (CaduVMs) submodule:
  2. Troubleshot and resolved the issue where the query results could not be located after contacting the smart contract. After testing and deploying the local currency transaction contract, money was transferred. The contract account had no funds and could not transfer.
  3. The front-end reported an error, but the back-end did not output the error. Upon investigation, it is determined that the transaction had been run and packaged, but an operation error had occurred, and the output was an error message. The mistake is not included in the standard error message and is hence not seen.
  4. Corrected the mistake of the transfer local currency contract: the sending transfer block number was wrong; as a consequence of the front end’s cache, the sending transfer amount was doubled.
  5. Resolved the test problem: call ERC20 transaction error, incorrect opcode: SELFBALANCE, due to the absence of the genesis file setting, “istanbulBlock”: 0
  6. Corrected the test error: The local currency transfer contract contained funds; nevertheless, the funds were transferred to another account due to a mistake. “execution reversed”, configured the virtual machine to not update the state library’s read-write set following an execution fault

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