Caduceus Weekly Report 48

4 min readFeb 20, 2023

We’re pleased to announce that Bunzz joined us as an ecosystem partner on February 17th!

Bunzz is a platform that brings no-code solutions to DApp building!

Bunzz allows devs to quickly deploy smart contracts, easily interact with front-end apps, create their own module templates, and monitor metrics.

We are planning a hackathon in conjunction with Bunzz later this year, stay tuned for more details…

TaskOn completed integration with Caduceus on February 16th. TaskOn provides projects with a fantastic tool to launch and run campaigns on the Caduceus network. You can customise incentives, tasks, and even how winners are selected.

On February 15th, Numen became a part of the Caduceus ecosystem. Numen is a Web3 security firm that has set the bar for Web3 Security and Cybersecurity Solutions, with a focus on Blockchain Security and Smart Contract Audits.

veDAO joined the Caduceus ecosystem on February 13th. veDAO is a decentralised platform for investing and finance that is truly owned by the people.

Community Updates & Activities

Caduceus and XT.COM exchange launched a combined event on February 17th. The entire prize for the event, which includes trading contests, AMA questions, and pledge mining, reaches up to 50,000 $CMP. Everyone is welcome to take part in the event, with various prizes up for grabs..

On February 19th, we were very pleased to announce the launch of the $CMP Trading Competition with XT.COM Exchange!

Trade $CMP on http://XT.COM & Win a Share of 20,000 $CMP

Time/Date: 19th Feb 2023 7am UTC — 5th March 2023 7am UTC


Caduceus and began a new staking event, with more than 2 million $CMP already staked as of the halfway point. We appreciate your excitement and support for $CMP, and have invited other partners to attend the event.

Link to the activity:

Caduceus Technical Report

Block Explorer

  • Fixed the issue where the return result of ‘Read Contract’ on the Contract page only displays success or failure, but not the return value.
  • The deployment of V1.1 is complete, with a new user module added, offering a variety of new features including: account registration and login; monitoring address balance changes; transaction remark marks; account remark marks; Token ignore list; API Key generation; verified contract list; Token information and Label review; and custom contract ABI.
  • Performed the TPS test for writing data to the NewSQL database using the database migration tool, and output the records written to TPS in several situations.
  • Executed test scripts on numerous NewSQL Servers, then created and recorded test items.
  • Fixed the issue where nodes whose IP has changed due to expansion or contraction were not visible in the Dashboard.

Testnet V2.0 (Pegasus) development:

  • MetaRing GatewayNode: Created the code for accessing and changing the Nonce status of the MetaRing Gateway Transaction Pool Node
  • MetaNebula Verification Node, MetaNebula module:

1) Added Genesis block setup and configuration

2) Finished the interface docking with the MetaVM (CaduVMs) submodule and retrieved the read-write set returned by it

3) Module test: It is discovered that the serial and parallel execution outcomes of the same batch of transactions are inconsistent. The issue was identified during the study, and the process of packing blocks was adjusted. The most important change is to stack blocks.

When, the block packager does not execute the block’s transactions and just conducts the packaging procedure.

4) Modification of test error conditions: address several issues created by the block packing approach, including transaction transmission.

Following the exchange, block production is halted, the block hash is erroneous, the block’s gas consumption is inaccurate, etc.

5) The block transaction containing the transaction has been processed and added to the chain, and there is an issue that the prior block cannot be acquired when the next block packing procedure is triggered.

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