Caduceus Weekly Report 44

LightCycle, a 3D Metaverse platform incubated by Caduceus, is ready to begin alpha testing and is seeking experienced testers. Participants can enter the virtual world including an NFT exhibition hall in which NFTs can be displayed, traded, and even minted.

Closed beta recruiting details:

On the 11th January, Signa X joined the Caduceus ecosystem. Signa X is a platform for the development and licensing of 3D digital assets for metaverse environments.

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Openfabric has now been successfully integrated with Caduceus. Developers may now investigate AI and ML techniques, allowing them to construct AI-powered distributed applications for a variety of use cases. This will help make the development of dApps on Caduceus both more economical and straightforward.

More info:

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CryptoSkyland NFTs will be listed on the marketplace! 🏪

We look forward to sharing more news about our future NFT releases 🖼️

Link to marketplace :

Community Updates & Activities

The high-yield mining pool that Caduceus and established continues to expand. Dual mining pools mean users can decide whether or not to lock their staked CMP. There are rewards for a total of 120,000 $CMP up for grabs!

Activity link:

Caduceus will collaborate with MetaRace, SpaceDAO, CryptoSkyland, Xandar, and Ikonic to host the second Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Twitter Spaces on January 18th with the topic “Future Opportunities for NFTs in a Metaverse World.” This AMA will also reward lucky participants with prizes of 1,000 $CMP.


On January 11th, Caduceus, Beepo, and DAOLaunch hosted the first Ask Me Anything of the year with the topic “The trend of infrastructure development in the metaverse.” Lucky participants in this AMA were awarded 1,000 $CMP.

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On January 14th, MetaRace provided lucky New Year’s event participants 800 $CMP in prizes.

On January 13th, LightCycle awarded attendees of the New Year event with 2,000 $CMP. awarded 200 USDT and 8 NFTs to winners of the New Year’s event on January 12th.

On January 11th, DAOLaunch awarded 20 NFTs to winners of the New Year event.

The New Year event with Daostarter awarded participants with NFT prizes worth $320 on January 10th.

Beepo, Caduceus’ strategic partner, gave token prizes totalling $475 to fortunate New Year’s event participants on January 9th.

Caduceus has initiated the “War of the MEMES.” Create the greatest Caduceus-related MEME by January 31st for a chance to win 500 $CMP. Each participant may submit up to three pieces, with a total of ten winners.

Event link:

Caduceus Technical Report

• Back-end:

TokenInfo, Public name tag two modules audit back-end interface development update ERC20, ERC721 transaction list API, add Public name tag return to modify token details page API, add project website, social media information return update user module API return Balance, market value, add thousandth separator.

Resolve the issue where the user module update avatar is not taking effect

Resolve the issue where the user module update newsletter subscription does not take effect Change the email sending template for the lost password function.

Project optimisation, eliminate unnecessary setup settings

  • Database (upgraded to a NewSQL distributed database): Test the read and write performance of the distributed NewSQL database, complete the test according to the test cases and record the findings, and arrange and finish the documentation preparation relevant to the deployment of the new database.
  • Deploy the browser server application with the new database and synchronise the Network’s primary data in preparation for testing the update.
  • Front-end:

Address information display changed

Review page development and cooperative debugging Update Token list interface

Demonstration of the browser’s personal center module, improvement of the upload avatar and alter personal information functions, and bug fixes.

  • MetaProtocol protocol Simplify protocol data to describe the way of coupling between Golang fundamental data structures and alter TxChecker/ Protocol parsing code for the MetaCrypter/MetaSentry module.
  • MetaType repository

Realise the fundamental data structure shared by other modules, including BigInt/Address/Hash. • Develop MetaRing GatewayNode:

Replace the Protobuf library with the gogo library Add the ability to transmit transactions in groups Cite the logrus log and include the running log.

1) Create a test case and determine that the transaction level segmentation fails to parallelise transactions at the same level as intended. Therefore, the code of the segmentation portion of the transaction has been modified, and the issue with transaction batch division has been resolved.

2) Verify the results of the read-write set created by the test case, add the reading of the block hash and timestamp used in the smart contract, add the read-write set, and perform a preliminary test; no issues have been identified so far.

3) Conflict detection and resolution induced by read-write sets in concurrent transactions

  • Modify the authorisation verification methodology for inter-contract calls • Deploy and evaluate new contract scripts

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