Caduceus Weekly Report 43

4 min readJan 9, 2023

Caduceus launched community activities with many projects in the ecosystem, including LightCycle, Coinswap, DAOLaunch, Daostarter, Beepo, MetaRace, SpaceDao, CryptoSkyland, Xandar, and Ikonic. In addition, the New Year event was launched on January 6th to celebrate the start of 2023, with $15,000 worth of tokens and NFTs up for grabs.

The activity is divided into three sections, each with their own rewards;

  1. There are ten giveaway activities with a total prize value of more than $3,000 (for information, see the most recent updates on Caduceus’ official social media;
  2. There will be 2 AMA activities discussing all thing metaverse related, with a prize pool of 2,000 CMP (for the event announcement, please follow Caduceus’ official social media channels);
  3. 120,000 CMP total staking pool rewards, with two pools — one locked and one open.

Event link 👉

The “Battle of the MEMES” community event has gone live. Create the best Caduceus-related MEME by January 31st for a chance to win 500 CMP. Each participant may submit up to three pieces, with a total of ten winners.

Event link 👉

On January 6th, we launched a New Years Gleam campaign with our good friends SkylandNFTs & TronSpaceDAO!

Event link 👉

Simply follow the link for your chance to win!

On January 7th, Xandar offered $500 USD of their native token $XAN.

Event link 👉

On January 8th, Ikonic offered a huge $500 USD worth of Ikonic token to some lucky Cadets!

Event link 👉

Get involved in the fun and WIN prizes!

Caduceus Technical Update

Block Explorer V1.1

• Identified and resolve the issue that prevents the new Solidity version-compiled smart contract from being verifiable in the production environment — new function development:


Connected the front end user module API and fix problems that occur in testing.

Database (upgraded to a distributed NewSQL database):

Deployed the front-end and back-end projects of the browser, evaluate the query speed of connecting to the new database, and perform complicated SQL queries through the command line directly on the server. Both approaches can confirm that the new data is much more efficient than the previous database.

Select two servers in the new data cluster, deploy the front and back ends of the browser (explore-service and block-scan, install using docker), and synchronize the primary network data. Modify the back-end SQL code so that it is compatible with the new data cluster.

Compare and summarize the SQL query speed of the old and new databases, as well as the response performance of the page request interface.

Front end:

Functional testing and bug modification of each page of the browser personnel center

Completed the cooperative interface debugging of the ‘Ignore Token’ and development address note pages. Complete the cooperative debugging of the Token interface for filtering.

Completed the joint debugging of each page list’s search function. Completed the procedure of modifying the formation of the verification contract. Modify the specifics of the copied data, ask for information, etc. Optimize the process of including the browser verification contract and bolster the collaborative debugging of the Web3 verification function.

Testnet V2.0

• MetaProtocol protocol Update the MetaProtocol protocol and refine the query interface: return fields such as transactions, receipts, and blocks

• Develop MetaNet P2P network module Debug libp2p broadcast interface

• Develop MetaRing GatewayNode: Add support for Ethereum JSON RPC interface format

• Develop MetaNebula VerificationNode: Complete the entire process of sending transactions, receiving transactions, and generating blocks. Implementation part

Search interface: account information, block information, transactions and receipts MetaVM (CaduVMs) submodules:

  1. Troubleshoot the accuracy of incorrect transaction execution outcomes, confirm nonce too high/nonce too low/gas is inadequate/balance is insufficient and several other fault cases.

2. Draft test cases to validate the accuracy of the read-write set, modify the processing flow, and integrate the read-write set for each batch of transactions.

3. Resolve the issue of the anomalous crash resulting from the re-execution of conflicting transactions. Solve the difficulties in the test cases and verify that the algorithm’s running results are consistent with its design.

Edge Rendering Engine:

• Modify and optimize the smart contract by incorporating computing power search option and removing equipment user functions
• Debug the contract and finalize the deployment of API services on the blockchain (in progress)

• Debugging of smart contracts and enterprise systems (in progress)

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