Caduceus Weekly Report 42

The RedStone oracle network joined the Caduceus ecosystem on December 28, 2022. RedStone is an oracle protocol that has the support of Blockchaincap, Coinbase, and the ARweave team. RedStone offers constantly updated, trustworthy, and varied Data Feeds.

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Catch up with what we’ve been working on this year from the #Caduceus 2022 Rewind below!

Community Updates & Activities

On 31st December 2022, to celebrate the upcoming 2023 new year, a Greeting Competition was launched.

Head over to our Telegram channel between 1st & 5th of Jan and leave your best wishes for the CMP community, and you could win part of 500 $CMP!

Add #CMPwishes to your message to join!

Join the Telegram chat here:

CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of this year’s Christmas Fan Art Competition!

We had some incredible entries and we’ll post our favorites in the thread

We’ll be sending the prizes to the winners very soon!

Thank you to everyone that entered

Winners Link 👉

Congratulations to the winners of the Caduceus Advent Tweet Competition 2022!

Your prizes will be on their way to you very soon!

A huge thank you to everyone else that participated

Winner list 👉

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On January 6th, 2023, Caduceus will organise a collaborative event to commemorate the arrival of 2023. We will launch several activities in conjunction with on-chain projects, with token and NFT awards worth $5,000. For event details, please follow Caduceus’ social media channels for live updates.

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From December 26th to December 30th, 2022, Caduceus voted on the Christmas Fanart Competition in the Discord community, with the voting results being released to the community.

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The DEX TowerSwap DeFi on the Caduceus chain has begun its testing phase, and if you complete the interaction using testnet tokens, you will be eligible for prizes.

Activity link 👉

Block Explorer V1.1 — Update:

• Make the new domain name active: The old domain name, is still accessible; new function development:


Connect the user module API to the front end, and modify any test-failed problems.

Add the ignore spam token setting to the user ignore token section. Add the condition query function to the sections for user transaction notes, address remarks, address verification, and custom abi. Add the front-end contact us part to provide the address and public comments. API

Modify the holding list API to filter user-ignored tokens

• Database (upgraded to a NewSQL distributed database):

Complete the TiDB cluster deployment of numerous servers and implement the TiDB load balancing with Nginx.

Deploy a TiDB DM cluster and move data using Task tasks.

Test the whole procedure of exporting database data, importing it to a database of a lower version, and finally migrating to TiDB.

The data from the database in the production environment is exported as a SQL file and loaded into the TiDB library in preparation for SQL compatibility testing and performance testing.

• Front-end: Modify the ‘Ignore Token’ page and the development address note page; interface debugging is 50% complete.

Modify the contract verification page

Browser personal center testing, code optimization, and problem repair for each list, modification of custom abi numerous rendering issues

Change the browser’s user interface to accommodate the new domain name

Testnet V2.0 (Pegasus) development — development progress:

• Construct MetaNet P2P network module investigate libp2p

Realize DHT node finding Add broadcast interface for p2p • Create MetaNebula Verification; Node: Make the Nebula node block creation mechanism accessible and interface with the MetaNet P2P module. Investigate the interface design of the subscription and broadcast MetaVM (CaduVMs) sub-modules of the MetaNet P2P module:

1. Commence composing test cases

2. Resolve the issues of circular references, file conflicts, and matching

3. Solve the issues in the test cases and verify that the algorithm’s running outcomes are consistent with its design

Edge Rendering System — Business System:

• Finish coding the contract back-end API interface • Test the service of the contract back-end API interface • Compose the API specification for the contract’s back-end interface

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