Caduceus Weekly Report 41

On December 20th, DystoWorld joined the Caduceus ecosystem. DystoWorld is a multi-faceted ecosystem that brings digital goods into the Metaverse.

Learn more here 👉

On December 20, Caduceus and Unicorn Ventures formed a strategic alliance. Unicorn Venture is a community-backed, private VC firm of enthusiastic investors that support and empower the most promising startups.

XP.NETWORK bridge to support Caduceus blockchain

Users can now transfer NFTs between Caduceus and other blockchains

Read more about it here 👉


Caduceus partner HAPE will collaborate with Diesel on a unique NFT series that combines fashion and Web3.

Community Updates & Activities

The special Christmas activities hosted by Caduceus have now concluded, the event awards will be delivered in the near future.


On December 21, SkylandNFTs hosted a gleam event and gave 200 NFTs to attendees.

Winners List:


On December 23, Caduceus and the 3D metaverse platform Light Cycle hosted a community-focused AMA on the metaverse. The two parties discussed the creation of the whole metaverse and their respective roles within it.

From the 22nd through the 26th of December, Caduceus hosted a Christmas event with MetaRace, GamerHub, and ThunderLands. Complete the activity for the chance to get $2,000 in tokens as a Christmas present.

Link 👉


Winner of SpaceDAO X Caduceus campaign can WhiteList Mint their SpaceBear NFT at on 26th December.

🐻 SpaceBear NFT will be listed in CoinSwap Marketplace soon. Do stay tuned!

Winner list :


Caduceus Technical Report

• Upgrade: Support daily (date can be specified), weekly, and monthly statistics of local currency transactions, CRC20 transactions, unique CMP addresses, unique Token addresses, block size and other chart data, and support data file exported.

User address note module; added preferred functionality Add sending email capability to the user watch module User Token module include update token issuance information API and front-end docking user module API, fix test-related problems. Test apikey module functionality, pose queries, and validate Distributed database prior study on the science of repair TiDB, construct TiDB Cluster • Front end: user module address monitoring, transaction notes, address notes, Token, verification address, and a custom ABI number

Data connection;

All CRUD APIs and page navigation on the page.

• Construct MetaRing Gateway node: transaction pool

  • Debugging the linked module’s interface Interface debugging for the MetaNet P2P module

• Develop the P2P network module for MetaNet •Develop the encryption and decryption independent module for MetaCryptor: correct BUG

• Continue developing on the MetaNebula VerificationNode: MetaTxChecker transaction verification submodule MetaVM (CaduVMs) submodule:

  • Modify the data structure to make it easier to replace re-executed transaction results
  • Refactor the original test code for the algorithm into the current MetaVM submodule.

• Complete the self-test pledge contract and collaborate with the front-end to invoke the pledge interface.

• Complete the back-end framework creation and development.

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