Caduceus Weekly Report 40

The M4TTER and Caduceus ecosystem grant program is now live!

Through the M4TTER incubator, we’re awarding up to $10,000 per project and providing hands-on support including co-marketing, listings partners and tech support.

Click to find out more 👉

Applications close on Friday, 23rd December 2022.


On 12th December, the Caduceus CMP hit the number 2 spot on the Bitget Daily Top 3 Gainers list!

Our Head of Sports advisor Lawrence Dallaglio gives SportTechie an overview of Caduceus and how we’re bringing sport into the Metaverse!

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The team over at Blockster took a look at the Caduceus x HAPE marketplace partnership that launched last week!

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On 14th December, we were thrilled to announce that Caduceus is hosting its Ecosystem Grants Program on Questbook.

Submit your proposal before December 23rd to win a grant worth up to $10,000 💰

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Thank you to the AIBC Europe 2022 Summit for hosting us in Malta last month.

Our Principal Software Engineer Giulio Pezzulli joined the AIBC team to discuss the future of Caduceus!

Full video 🎦 here:

Community Updates & Activities

Starting on 12th December we began celebrating the 12 days of Christmas in the Caduceus Discord! We’re playing Gartic games every day at 5PM UTC in the 🎮︱games channel, and participants get a chance to win 100 CMP every day from December 12th to 23rd!

There is only ONE WINNER PER DAY and YOU CAN ONLY WIN ONCE! Bring your A-game and let Caduceus put another 100 CMP under your tree (or in your wallet!). Merry Christmas and good luck to all Cadets taking part 👍 😊

Activity link 👉

The ‘Caduceus Christmas Fan Art Competition’ is now open for entries. For a chance to win, create Christmas art in the form of the Caduceus logo. Caduceus will donate $1,000 to a charity of the winner’s choosing, and the winner will also receive 3,000 $CMP. The 2nd to 5th placed runners-up will also receive 500 $CMP each.

The competition is open until December 24th.

Activity link 👉


To celebrate Christmas and the festive season, Caduceus is hosting a special event. Every day, the community can tweet about #caduceus for a chance to win. The event is open from December 1st to December 24th. The prize is a choice of 10 Nova NFTs or 500 $CMP.

Activity link 👉

Caduceus and are hosting a joint FIFA World Cup-themed NFT event to celebrate the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The NFTs are being minted, sold, and traded on the Caduceus blockchain, and collectors holding the rarest and most successful team cards have the opportunity to split a 1,000,000 USDT prize pool!

Event link 👉


Caduceus hosted a free NFT mint in collaboration with PlayPad, giving away a total of 100 World Cup NFTs to users who completed the specified tasks before 18th December.

Activity link 👉


The joint Demo Day campaign hosted by Caduceus and DAOStarter concluded on December 12th. The event allowed a new generation of entrepreneurs to pitch their products to venture capitalists, investors, and launchpads.

For more details 👉

Caduceus Technical Report

Block Explorer Version V1.1

  • Bug Fix:
  • Miscategorised type issue for contracts with transfer events.
  • New feature development.


  • Added weekly and monthly statistics to various charts in the explorer, supporting downloads and searches by data start time.
  • Made changes to the data cache time point and optimised the SQL statistics and format.
  • Fixed double counting of transaction volumes via account stats and CRC20 transactions. The calculation is now done directly in the transaction table.
  • Added a function to validate contract code in the API section.
  • Added txn private note and address private note return to the API query for transaction information.
  • Completed the verified address API in the user module (the section on editing address information has not been developed yet).
  • Completed the custom ABI and APIs in the user module and added return information to the contract details API.
  • Refined the return value of the user information API query.
  • Wrote the user module watchlist, txn private notes, token ignore list, verified addresses, custom ABI and API addresses, and custom ABI and API files.
  • Completed debugging and testing with the front-end.

Front end:

  • Chart time filter joint debugging.
  • User transaction list.
  • Added time filtering controls to explorer charts.

Testnet V2.0 (Pegasus) Development Progress

  • MetaProtocol (protocol library).
  • Continued revision and improvement of inter-module protocols.
  • Development of MetaRing GatewayNode.
  • Transaction pooling.
  • Built the framework for interaction between mempool and related modules.
  • Started coding the MetaCryptor encryption and decryption standalone module.
  • Started coding the MetaSentry module.
  • Development of the MetaNebula VerificationNode.
  • Started coding the MetaTxChecker transaction verification sub-module.
  • Development of the MetaVM (CaduVMs) sub-module.
  • Adjustment of read/write set data structure and conflict detection methods, and modification of data drop operations.
  • Added modifications to the read/write operations for account nonce and balance.
  • Added a new method for re-executing the contextual construction of transactions and a temporary replacement of the receipt composition.
  • Initial changes to the implementation of virtual machines

Edge Rendering System:

  • Optimised contract functionality and added query contracts.
  • Provided documentation for the front-end and server-side interfaces.
  • Performed independent quality assurance testing on the contract process.
  • Deployed the edge rendering front-end contract call interface, which is now awaiting joint debugging

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