Caduceus Weekly Report 38

3 min readDec 8, 2022

Hi Cadets!

Here’s the latest report from the Caduceus camp, it’s been a busy couple of weeks and we’ve had some great things come onto the chain. We’ve got alot more planned as well, so stayed tuned for more updates.


Ecosystem & Operations

Caduceus recently launched the Ecosystem Grants program, which provides up to $10,000 in project funding for the development of Web3 and metaverse applications on the Caduceus blockchain. In addition to providing financial help, the program also includes collaboration on marketing, listing partners, referrals to venture capitalists, technical support, and resource exchange within the Caduceus ecosystem, ensuring projects receive optimal support during critical phases of growth.

LightCycle, the 3D metaverse platform incubated by Caduceus, is live for testing. The first virtual environment being released features outdoor and indoor settings with themed pavilions displaying 3D art installations, making for an exciting and innovative first experience. The LightCycle website — — has more details on the upcoming launch.

Caduceus ecosystem partner HAPE is preparing to launch the beta version of their Fashionverse marketplace, where you can use the Caduceus $CMP coin as payment for a range of virtual fashion items to customise your HAPE. Users can:

- View collections

- Buy digital wearables

- Use ETH or CMP

- Dress their HAPE

- Download their new look

Community Updates & Activities

To celebrate Christmas and the festive season, Caduceus is hosting a unique event. Every day, the community can tweet about #caduceus for a chance to win. The event is open from December 1st to December 24th. The prize is a choice between 10 Nova NFTs or 500 $CMP.

Event link 👉

Caduceus and are hosting a joint FIFA World Cup-themed NFT event to celebrate the 2022 World Cup kicking off in Qatar this month. The NFTs are being minted, sold and traded on the Caduceus blockchain, and collectors who hold the rarest and most successful teams’ cards have the chance to share in a prize pool worth 1,000,000 USDT!

Event link 👉

Caduceus is excited to announce a partnership event with HAPE social. All community members are warmly welcome to join us!

Event link 👉

Caduceus Technical report

Block Explorer V1.1 — Enhancement

  • New function development:
  • Daily active address volume
  • CRC20 daily active address volume
  • Average block size and block generation time
  • Created statistical interface
  • Deployed test environment
  • Debugged statistical interface with front end
  • Created block-related statistics
  • SQL optimization
  • Added Redis cache to chart queries
  • The development of each chart’s data download capability is at an 80 percent completion rate.
  • Combined debugging of front-end and back-end interfaces: browser chart interface, chart detail page interface, and download data interface.
  • Prepared API key development

Testnet V2.0 (Pegasus) — Development Progress

  • Construct MetaRing Gateway node
  • Performed performance tests on the Proto3 Buffer
  • Defined the Proto3 message structure for the transaction
  • Transaction pool
  • Completed the fundamental functions of the data structure for the memory transaction pool and its queue
  • Prepared the Nonce function concurrently modifying the transaction pool’s state
  • Developed MetaNebula VerificationNode
  • CaduVM submodules
  • Constructed the virtual machine module — finished the process interface description of EVM/WASM
  • Modified the rules for transaction reordering and resolved read-write set conflicts

Edge Rendering — Business System

  • Completed smart contract authoring, script writing, and functional self-test for staking, computing power calculation, and workload reporting.

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