Caduceus Weekly Report 37

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Hi Cadets!

We’ve had an incredible week at Caduceus and we want to share our news with our community. Take a read for all the latest on-goings in the ecosystem.

Ecosystem & Operations

Caduceus has officially launched the Web3 incubator M4TTER, which will foster the growth of blockchain-related metaverse, DeFi, NFT, and GameFi initiatives.

Caduceus also announced the Ecosystem Grants program, which provides up to $10,000 in project funding for the development of Web3 and metaverse applications on the Caduceus blockchain. In addition to providing financial help, the program also includes collaboration on marketing, listing partners, referrals to venture capitalists, technical support, and resource exchange within the Caduceus ecosystem, ensuring projects receive optimal support during critical phases of growth.

The first Caduceus-sponsored metaverse concert was a huge success, performed on the E-VERSE platform on Saturday, November 26th. The concert marked the metaverse debut of its very special guests, India’s best-loved Bollywood singers, Neha & Tony Kakkar. Many thanks to audiences from across the globe for joining this unique metaverse experience, powered by Caduceus and featuring the fabulous Neha and Tony performing their favourite songs.

On November 25th, Xandar Games joined the Caduceus ecosystem. Xandar is a AAA play-to-earn, arena-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) where users can capture, mint and trade NFT weapons and creatures.

On November 25th, we were thrilled to announce a partnership with the Openfabric AI platform, to bring AI tooling to Web3 🤝

Openfabric AI will deploy on the Caduceus ecosystem and allow developers to build AI applications using the most advanced AI solutions 🤖

Community Updates & Activities

Caduceus and are jointly hosting a FIFA World Cup-themed NFT event to celebrate the 2022 World Cup kicking off in Qatar this month. The NFTs are being minted, sold and traded on the Caduceus blockchain, and collectors who hold the rarest and most successful teams’ cards have the chance to share in a prize pool worth 1,000,000 USDT!

👉 Event link 👈

On November 23rd, Caduceus and ONTO Wallet launched a World Cup-themed NFT free mint event, with a total of 100 whitelist places. Fill out the form and complete the task to be eligible for a limited World Cup NFT.

👉 Event link 👈

Caduceus and CryptoSkyland announced a World Cup prediction competition on November 23rd. CryptoSkyland World Cup prediction tickets are available for purchase using $CMP and can be used to predict match outcomes, with prizes for users who guess correctly.

👉 Store Purchase link 👈

Caduceus and CryptoSkyland also launched a World Cup-themed Gleam event, which is open from November 22nd to December 4th. Participate and complete the tasks for the chance to win a share of 1,000 $CMP. Twenty lucky users will be chosen to receive a prize.

👉 Event link 👈

Caduceus, in conjunction with Spume and CoinSwap, are hosting a Gleam event between November 21st and December 5th, giving participants the chance to win a free Caduceus World Cup NFT mint. Twenty users will be picked at random to receive a refund of their NFT mint costs.

👉 Event link 👈

To celebrate the first metaverse performance of India’s world-famous singers Neha and Tony Kakkar, Caduceus, the festival’s primary sponsor, gave away a total of 50,000 CMP to 175 lucky concertgoers between November 22th and November 27th.

On November 19th, Caduceus jointly announced a World Cup-themed free NFT mint event with and SolaDefy, reimbursing the NFT mint costs for participants. After the event, twenty NFT holders were selected at random to receive a refund of their mint charge.

The NFT strategy game Mechaverse will be cross-deployed on the Caduceus blockchain. A Mechaverse IDO was launched on the PlaySky platform using $CMP on November 25th.

Caduceus Technical Report

Block Browser V1.1 — Optimisation

  • Bug fixes
  • Fixed a case where the browser failed to handle the transaction when parsing the event related to the token.
  • Restored the display of the token list and added the verified field.
  • Organised the functions of the browser user background module.
  • Developed browser statistics function.

Testnet V2.0 (Pegasus) — Development Progress

  • Development of MetaNebula Verification Node: CaduVMs submodule
  • Completed the data structure of the global unique identifier and found that records of the read-write set were not well preserved, so added a global and ordered data structure for saving the read-write set, so that the read-write generated by the transaction is executed. After the test case was added and completed, the remaining test of the globally uniquely identified data structure was performed, the completed the collected read-write set (direct storage operation without conflict between transactions).
  • Added and tested the method to identify the re-running of conflicting transactions, and completed the re-run test based on the existing data structure and temporary cached data.
  • Confirmed that the newly added read-write set is stored in an orderly manner in the form of transaction hash-keyHash-valueHash.
  • Began preliminary construction of virtual machine modules.

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