Caduceus Weekly Report 35

Ecosystem & Operations

Community Updates & Activities

Caduceus Technical Report

Testnet V2.0 (Pegasus) Development Progress

  • MetaRing GatewayNode module interface:
  • Added the gRPC interface for receiving transactions.
  • Switched the interface to gogo Protobuf transaction pool.
  • Continued the transaction pool module coding API Gateway.
  • Continued to design the integration scheme with Kong API Gateway (traditional Internet API Gateway).
  • MetaNebula module interface verification node:
  • Switched the interface to gogo Protobuf
  • CaduVMs submodules:
  • Continued to VM (EVM/WASM/MOVE) general module coding — implemented WASM’s own Run() and CanRun() methods of Interpreter interface.
  • Continued with the coding of the transaction parallel execution engine — adjusted the implementation of the from tag, to retrieve the correlation between the receiver and the sender.

Edge Rendering — Business System

  • Completed the functional joint debugging test of the application side and the user terminal, and prepared for the joint debugging test of the whole system.

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