Caduceus Weekly Report 34

3 min readNov 8, 2022

Ecosystem & Operations

The E-VERSE platform will host a metaverse concert, powered by Caduceus, on Saturday November 26th. The performers are Neha and Tony Kakkar, two of the world’s most well-known and best-loved Bollywood singers and YouTube artists. This is their debut metaverse performance and Caduceus invites you to join this unique virtual concert with thousands of fans and music lovers from around the world. Get your tickets HERE.

We were very happy to announce our partnership with CyberConnect on November 3rd. Caduceus is also verified on Link3, built on the CyberConnect platform! You can follow us here 👉

CyberConnect is a decentralised, social graph protocol returning data ownership to users and helping developers build powerful apps. Their Series A raised $15M to further build the decentralised social graph protocol in May, 2022. CyberConnect backers include Multicoin Capital, Animoca Brands, Binance Labs Fund, and Gate Labs.

Also on November 3rd, the Caduceus-incubated blockchain game MetaRace Horse Racing successfully completed a new IDO round on the FantomLive platform, selling out 30,000 $META.

On November 4th, we announced that Unamano had joined us as an ecosystem partner! Unamano is a ETH2.0 staking and project DAO protocol where you can stake ETH to earn multiple crypto assets.

Community Updates & Activities

The second phase of the Caduceus Community Rewards campaign is underway. The CryptoSkyland game project (launching on the Caduceus blockchain soon) held a Halloween competition and awarded limited-edition Caduceus Nova NFTs to the lucky winners.

On November 3rd, Caduceus CTO Matt McGuire participated in the first ‘Nabox Voice’, hosted by Nabox on Twitter. The guests shared insights on ecosystem-building strategies, community operation ideas, and the future potential of Caduceus as a new metaverse protocol. A prize fund of 1,000 $CMP was made available as rewards for participating community members.

The Caduceus blockchain project CryptoSkyland hosted its second week of ‘Game Night’ community activities in their Discord server on November 2nd, and distributed five Skytopian Resident free mints to the game winners.

On November 4th we shared some fantastic news for all NFT holders on Caduceus — Coinhub Wallet now supports Caduceus NFTs! Just add the contract and your token ID and voila! 🤩

Caduceus Technical Report

Mainnet V1.0 — Optimisation

  • Continued block synchronisation optimisation and node optimisation, verifying data accuracy.

Testnet V2.0 (Pegasus) — Development Progress

  • Created the MetaSentry consensus module interface.
  • Completed the interface design of transaction current limiting parameter query, batch transaction sorting and submission, block generation, block voting, and block confirmation.
  • Continued development of the MetaRing GatewayNode module interface.
  • Completed the interface design with the MetaSentry consensus module.
  • Completed the interface design with MetaNebula VerificationNode.
  • Began coding the transaction pool module.
  • Began scheme design for integration with Kong API Gateway (traditional Internet API Gateway).
  • Designed the basic data structure that runs through the majority of modules, such as transactions and blocks.
  • Designed a query interface for blocks/transactions/receipts/logs compatible with Ethereum JSON RPC.
  • Continued VM (EVM/WASM/MOVE) common module coding, reserved for ZkVM, and started to design the sub-module interface. The interface of ZkEVM will support these two VMs in the future.
  • Started to code the transaction parallel execution engine.
  • Designed transaction detection for the CheckTx sub-module and transaction simulation execution for SimExecuteTx interface.

Edge Rendering System — Business System

  • Conducted a combined functional debugging test of the application and user sides.

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