Caduceus Weekly Report 31

Ecosystem & Operations

Community Updates & Activities

Caduceus Technical Report

Mainnet V1.0 — Optimisation

  • Continued optimising block synchronisation
  • 4.95 million blocks of data were successfully resynchronised.
  • Analysed block synchronisation and the issue of sluggish frame writing.
  • Increased the starting parameter of whether to synchronise the consensus layer frame in the synchronisation node (and delete the frame data after successfully verifying the consensus).

Block Browser V1.1

  • Optimisation
  • Bug fix: Solved the path problem of deploying browser, compiler and compile command through docker.
  • Development
  • User Center Features
  • Wrote the front end of the browser user login page.
  • The back-end cooperates with the front-end to repair the functions of registration, login, forgotten password, logout, and user information display.
  • Browser user watch list
  • Completed the design and creation of database tables, and complete the development of add, edit, delete, and detail interfaces.

Testnet V2.0 (Pegasus) Development — Development Progress

  • Development of MetaNebula VerificationNode
  • Parallel execution engine
  • Designed a general module interface scheme for VM (EVM/WASM/MOVE).
  • Wrote a parallel execution scheme of transaction sharding and grouping in order.
  • Designed a parallel execution scheme based on transaction pre-execution read-write set.
  • Wrote basic P2P communication modules.
  • Wrote a batch parallel encryption/decryption/recovery key module based on ECDSA secp256k1 algorithm.

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