Caduceus Weekly Report 31

3 min readOct 19, 2022


Ecosystem & Operations

Users that qualify for the Nova NFT whitelist but have not yet minted their NFT will forfeit their allotment if it is not claimed before 23:59 UTC on October 23, 2022. Unclaimed Nova NFTs will be forfeited and redistributed via new projects to the Caduceus community.

The recruitment of a new wave of Caduceus ambassadors is underway, bringing fresh talent and perspectives to all areas of the ecosystem, including community, marketing, social media, mining, and technology. Anybody who shares our philosophy and goals of an open, decentralised metaverse is invited to apply for the ambassador program and join us as we shape the future of Web3 for the global community.

On October 11th, Caduceus reached 80,000 followers on CoinMarketCap Community.

MetaMirror joined the Caduceus ecosystem on October 11th. MetaMirror provides an identity layer that protects user privacy and links Web2 data to Web3 identities.

W3binfinity joined the Caduceus ecosystem on October 12th. W3binfinity is a pioneer in Web3 and blockchain ecosystems and their W3BSmart browser extension provides security without restriction.

Caduceus and W3binfinity also hosted an AMA on October 14th to introduce the W3binfinity community members to Caduceus’ core technologies, progress of the project, and the future value of CMP tokens.

SinsoNetwork joined the Caduceus ecosystem on October 13th. Sinso is a Web3 infrastructure platform focused on decentralised high-speed caching and FVM-based data governance.

Community Updates & Activities

The joint Caduceus and flexible staking program is still active and the expected annualised return is now over 50%. The program is open to anyone who wants to earn $CMP rewards.

Caduceus and CryptoSkyland are rewarding community members who join the CryptoSkyland Discord group and obtain OG status, making them eligible to receive one of a limited number of CryptoSkyland OG NFTs.

Caduceus and the blockchain-based MetaRace Horse Racing project joined a Twitter Space AMA on October 12th. Matt, Caduceus CTO, and Mr J., MetaRace community lead, discussed the future of their partnership and how to build a strong and stable metaverse for the future.

Caduceus and CoinW joined an AMA on October 14th. Matt, Caduceus CTO, shared his unique perspective on the development standards and direction of metaverse infrastructure, as well as introducing the CoinW community to the Caduceus ecosystem.

Caduceus Technical Report

Mainnet V1.0 — Optimisation

  • Continued optimising block synchronisation
  • 4.95 million blocks of data were successfully resynchronised.
  • Analysed block synchronisation and the issue of sluggish frame writing.
  • Increased the starting parameter of whether to synchronise the consensus layer frame in the synchronisation node (and delete the frame data after successfully verifying the consensus).

Block Browser V1.1

  • Optimisation
  • Bug fix: Solved the path problem of deploying browser, compiler and compile command through docker.
  • Development
  • User Center Features
  • Wrote the front end of the browser user login page.
  • The back-end cooperates with the front-end to repair the functions of registration, login, forgotten password, logout, and user information display.
  • Browser user watch list
  • Completed the design and creation of database tables, and complete the development of add, edit, delete, and detail interfaces.

Testnet V2.0 (Pegasus) Development — Development Progress

  • Development of MetaNebula VerificationNode
  • Parallel execution engine
  • Designed a general module interface scheme for VM (EVM/WASM/MOVE).
  • Wrote a parallel execution scheme of transaction sharding and grouping in order.
  • Designed a parallel execution scheme based on transaction pre-execution read-write set.
  • Wrote basic P2P communication modules.
  • Wrote a batch parallel encryption/decryption/recovery key module based on ECDSA secp256k1 algorithm.

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