Caduceus Weekly Report 28

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Ecosystem & Operations

MetaRace Horse Racing, a new play-to-earn game incubated by Caduceus, successfully concluded a new round of IDO on the DAOStarter platform on September 25th, with the full allocation of 150,000 $META sold out. MetaRace was also listed in the Top 10 Launchpad Token Sales Rating by CryptoGraph.

On September 22nd, the Caduceus Metaverse Protocol coin $CMP was officially listed on the CoinW trading platform, with a CMP/USDT trading pair. Invite friends to trade $CMP and get a chance to share 15,000 $CMP rewards.

On September 21st, MetaDog Racing joined the Caduceus ecosystem. MetaDog Racing is a play-to-earn NFT greyhound racing blockchain game, based in the metaverse, that allows investors to own dogs, participate in races, and breed their own NFTs.

On September 21st, SoulMeta joined the Caduceus ecosystem. SoulMeta is a social-to-earn metaverse platform where users can earn tokens and unlock NFTs through social interaction with other users around the world.

Community Updates & Activities

To celebrate the listing of the Caduceus coin $CMP on the CoinW trading platform, the two parties will host a series of events in which 15,000 $CMP will be distributed to participating users. Please refer to the link below for information on participation and rewards for the latest event.

Details can be found at:

Caduceus and Bybit have partnered to organise a trading competition with a huge total prize pool of 400,000 $CMP. The first 2,000 users to accumulate a spot trading volume of 5,000 $CMP on Bybit will each receive a 200 $CMP reward.

Caduceus and HyperPay launched a giveaway airdrop campaign on September 20th. Participants satisfying all of the entry requirements had the chance to win 5,000 $CMP and 200 virtual HyperCards.

Caduceus and BovineVerse hosted an AMA on September 21st, on the topic of ‘new potential for blockchain infrastructure development’. Caduceus shared their perspectives on the long-term value and creative potential of the blockchain with the BovineVerse community.

The Caduceus and communities participated in an AMA on September 22nd. Caduceus CTO Matt shared future development possibilities for the Caduceus network with the community, as well as the potential for broader blockchain technologies.

On September 22nd, Caduceus and other RhinoWorld partners joined the ‘World Rhino Day Space’ AMA on Twitter Spaces, hosted by RhinoWorld, to explore how metaverse developments can contribute to rhino conservation in the real world.

On September 23rd, Caduceus and KuCoin hosted a joint community-based AMA. Caduceus CTO Matt gave the KuCoin community a comprehensive overview of the Caduceus project’s progress and discussed the future value of $CMP.

The Caduceus and CryptoSkyland joint airdrop has concluded, and the first free mint round of CryptoSkyland NFTs concluded in a 100% full mint.

Caduceus Technical Report

Mainnet V1.0 — Optimisation

  • Continued block synchronisation optimisation:
  • Simulating P2P transmission blocks to find the reason for limited transmission speeds.
  • Test network layer transmission pressure.
  • Test hard disk I/O, local read block pressure.

Block Browser V1.1 — Optimisation

  • Fixed bugs:
  • On the CRC721 page, the balance and transaction lists, when filtered by account number, are displayed incorrectly.
  • The same code in the contract verification module can be verified using different Solidity versions.
  • The contract verification module constructor does not verify and displays an error.
  • Real-time parsing of token transfer fails when blocks are synchronised.
  • The font modification of the new UI browser has been improved and tested.

Testnet V2.0 (Pegasus) Development — Development Progress

  • Development of MetaNebula VerificationNode:

Parallel Execution Engine:

  • Began to analyse the parallel transaction classification process for implementation.
  • Diagram of contract calling relationship — started the development of the contract registration relationship.

Edge Rendering System — Business System

  • The revision of the docker virtual machine module of the resource side cluster and the underlying rendering system has been adjusted, and the virtual machine running data connection is being carried out.
  • The internal docking of the application side has been completed, and the application operation docking is performed after waiting for the resource docking.
  • Continued to develop smart contracts and interfaces for machine configuration and computing power-related data on-chain:
  • Provided data uplink interface for the underlying rendering system.
  • Continued to develop smart contracts and interfaces for uploading business data such as machine online time and application rendering time:
  • Provided data uplink interface for the underlying rendering system.
  • Two-way communication module (between GPU miner program and front-end browser dApp program):
  • Completed front-end rendering page coding.
  • Completed the application authorisation backend program coding.
  • Complete the front-end, back-end and rendering flow joint debugging test.
  • Completed the front-end rendering page for the metaverse dApp 3D rendering program, and passed the command line startup parameters.

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