Caduceus Weekly Report 27

Ecosystem & Operations

Community Updates & Activities

  1. In order to celebrate the listing of the Caduceus coin $CMP on the KuCoin trading platform, the two parties will host a series of events during which USD 50,000 of Caduceus tokens will be distributed to qualifying users.
  1. The joint giveaway event from Caduceus and Aventis Metaverse has begun. If you complete the qualifying tasks you will be eligible to share in the $2,000 USDC prize. The event will reward twenty winners:
  2. The Caduceus chain project BovineVerse held an AMA in the Caduceus community on September 16th, introducing the future of Web3 games, with rewards distributed to five AMA participants.
  3. Onto wallet ranked Caduceus as one of its top 10 most used chains in August. To learn more please refer to Onto wallet’s monthly update:

Caduceus Technical Report

Mainnet V1.0 — Upgrade

  • Block synchronization optimisation: simulated P2P block transmissions to find the cause of limited transmission speeds.
  • Compatibility optimisation:
  • Optimised the eth_getTransactionReceipt interface and return for incorrect transactions.
  • The transaction receipt is returned normally after “not found tx”.

Block Browser V1.1 — Optimization

  • Optimised browser transaction query: optimised the problem of slow display of transaction list in the account page.
  • New UI interface: completed the development of the new UI interface and submitted for testing.

Testnet V2.0 (Pegasus) Development — Development Progress

  • Development of the Parallel Execution Engine for MetaNebula VerificationNode:
  • Experiment with the StateObject priority lock method.
  • Experiment with the StateObject version control lock method.

Edge Rendering System — Business System

  • Continue to develop smart contracts and interfaces for machine configuration and computing power-related data on-chain.
  • Continue to open smart contracts and interfaces for business data including machine online time period, application rendering time period etc.
  • Bi-directional communication module (between GPU miner and front-end browser dApp programs):
  • Write the front-end rendering pages and back-end authorisation software.
  • Testing of the simultaneous operation of the edge rendering system and ETC mining application (based on CUDA) is complete.

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