Caduceus Weekly Report 26

Ecosystem & Operations

  • 1,000,000 transactions on the Caduceus chain
  • 352,461 single-day transactions on Sept 4th 2022
  • On September 6th, Caduceus Foundation announced the launch of M4TTER, an incubator fund established to help DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and other Web3 projects integrate with the Caduceus ecosystem. The incubator provides access to unrivalled blockchain technology support, a vast network of expert advisors and coaches, and a comprehensive range of Web3 start-up resources.
  • On September 7th, BovineVerse joined the Caduceus ecosystem. BovineVerse is a genesis Fi+ Web3 metaverse platform with plans to release multiple on-chain games and sports prediction systems.
  • On September 7th, RhinoWorld joined the Caduceus ecosystem. RhinoWorld is a project from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation that mixes Hollywood art with technology-driven features to achieve its goal of preserving the rhino population.
  • On September 10th, MetaRace Horse Racing, the first metaverse game to launch on the Caduceus blockchain, completed its first IDO with the full allocation of 100,000 $META sold. In addition to a 20% discount, the IDO offered 20 Genesis Horse NFTs in a giveaway competition to subscribers.

Community Updates & Development Activity

1. Caduceus and CryptoSkyland launched a combined airdrop giveaway. Users who complete the required tasks will be eligible to win NFTs and tokens of both projects. The rewards consist of 1,000 CryptoSkyland NFTs, 500 CryptoSkyland $FPU tokens and a total of 1,000 $CMP to cover users’ gas fees for NFT minting. The event concludes on September 16th.

2. Caduceus is pleased to announce that CrazyMeta has joined us as an ecosystem partner. @crazymeta_io is building a fashion brand bridging the metaverse and the real world. The two projects will collaborate extensively on co-branding and ecosystem development.

Mainnet V1.0 — Upgrade

  • Continued optimisation of hardware dependencies and software bottlenecks to improve current speed from 0.75 blocks per second.

Blockchain Browser V1.1 — Optimization

  • Optimised browser transaction query: analysed slow database SQL statements and cache-related transaction statistics, optimised related query codes, and solved the problem of slow browser statistics and transaction list display.

Testnet V2.0 (Pegasus) — Development Progress

  • Constructed MetaNebula VerificationNode: conducted research on the parallel execution engine of transactions for contracts (e.g. USDT Token) and their reference contract.

Edge Rendering System — Business System

  • Continued to develop and code the application front-end and back-end.
  • Continued to develop smart contracts and interfaces for machine configuration and computing power-related data on-chain.
  • Continued to develop smart contracts and interfaces for uploading business data such as machine online time and application rendering time.
  • Wrote a two-way communication model between the back-end GPU mining machine Metaverse App program and the front-end browser DApp program.
  • Block code.
  • Tested the feasibility of running edge rendering systems and CUDA programs simultaneously on the GPU.

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