Caduceus Weekly Report 25

Ecosystem & Operations

On September 1st, became the first DEX to join the Caduceus ecosystem. CoinSwap is a one-stop DeFi service platform, providing users with a trustworthy IDO launchpad and single token and LP token mining.

MetaRace Horse Racing, the first game to launch on the Caduceus network, will use the $CMP coin for the IDO of its $META token on the CoinSwap platform, opening on September 8th 2022 at 12pm UTC. In addition, MetaRace and CoinSwap will launch a series of activities together including airdrops, whitelists and promotions. Please follow our official social media for information and updates.

Caduceus is pleased to announce a partnership with Infinity Sports’ newly-signed emerging British motorsports talent Sonny Smith. We are excited to introduce the motorsport sector to the metaverse.

BallHunter joined the Caduceus network on September 2nd. BallHunter, which is supported by MixMarvel and BlueNEO, offers game scene and data marketing services for NFT projects.

E-Cycle joined the Caduceus ecosystem on September 1st. E-Cycle is a lifestyle application on Web3 that combines elements of Fit-Fi, Social-Fi and Game-Fi.

Aventis Metaverse joined Caduceus on August 31st. Aventis Metaverse is the world’s first graduate school in the Metaverse, improving lives by making executive education affordable and accessible, within a scalable and sustainable ecosystem.

HyperMove joined the Caduceus ecosystem on September 2nd. HyperMove is the world’s first blockchain-powered mobile app with built-in integration of both move-to-earn and play-to-earn that allows users to earn in a decentralised environment.

Community updates & Activities

1. Caduceus and CoinSwap launched the interactive ‘CoinSwap Trading Test’ activity on the CMP mainnet. Participants were able to test the SWAP and POOL functions in exchange for CoinSwap token airdrop rewards.

Event link 👉

2. On September 8th, use $CMP for the first MetaRace IDO and receive a 20% discount. If you are a lucky whitelist participant in the private pool you will automatically be entered into the draw to win a MetaRace Genesis Horse NFT.

Event link 👉

3. On September 4th, Caduceus hosted an AMA with the MetaRace team in the Caduceus Telegram community to introduce the project and discuss the benefits of NFT horse racing. A total of 100 $META reward was given to 10 lucky participants.

Also on September 4th, the first MetaRace airdrop to the Caduceus community ended, with a total of 2,000 $META given away to 500 random selected participants.

4. Skyland, an exciting new game launching on Caduceus soon, will use the Caduceus network for community members and followers to mint 10,000 free NFTs on September 19th.

5. Caduceus’ global marketing reach is expanding. New local language Telegram channels for community members in France, India, Brazil, South Korea and other countries are being added.

  • Added transaction receipt format conversion, synchronised and stored the original transaction receipt to the K-V database, and solved the problem of compatibility between the native receipt format of failed transactions and the eth_getTransactionReceipt interface.
  • Completed function module after browser user authentication: Watch List.
  • Optimised browser server deployment: a deployment process that realises dynamic cluster expansion and automatic failover.
  • Completed comprehensive testing of the business process on the resource side.
  • Continued to develop and code the front-end and back-end of the application.
  • Carried out smart contract and interface development work for machine configuration and computing power-related data on the chain.
  • Carried out smart contract and interface development work for business data, such as machine online time period and application rendering time period.
  • Designed a two-way communication process between the back-end GPU mining machine metaverse app program and the front-end browser dApp program.
  • Provided technical support and advice for the connection between third-party dApps Light Cycle and CoinSwap and Caduceus edge-rendering systems.

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