Caduceus Weekly Report 23

Ecology & Operation

As of August, the Caduceus Global Ambassador Recruitment Program is open for business and we encourage global blockchain enthusiasts to become Caduceus partners. Core to this is your alignment with the Caduceus brand and principles, eagerness to grow and develop together, an expertise and passion for cryptocurrencies, as well as sufficient time and industry knowledge to participate with the community over the long term.

In exchange, Caduceus will offer several exclusive incentives, including but not limited to CMP, NFT, and whitelisting. Consider that, with your involvement, Caduceus will be able to develop world-changing metaverse protocols.

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As the first Caduceus incubated metaverse platform, Light Cycle has produced the first Metaverse Pavilion demo clip, which looks super cool.

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On August 18th, PlayZap joined Caduceus. PlayZapGames is a cool Casual Game, free2play, and Play2earn.

On August 18th, BlocKombat joined Caduceus. BlocKombat is a Play-to-earn (#P2E) 3D multichain, GameFi ecosystem with #NFTs rewards with the aim of revolutionising the GameFi industry.

Community Updates & Activities

1. Caduceus Contest: The 19th of August marked the end of the “Guess the next listed exchange of CMP” contest. We appreciate everyone who participated in the activity. The list of activity awards will be released after the new round of listing.

2. The Caduceus and Bybit “Stake to Earn up to 666% APY (600,000 CMP Prize Pool)” event is currently being held. This incentive will end on August 31st. Those who have not yet joined the pledge are eligible for incentives if they do so. Don’t miss out!

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3. Caduceus and Bybit launched a Quiz Time event together. The event will likely conclude on August 31. All event participants will be eligible to share the 1,500 CMP incentive pool.

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4. Caduceus and HAPE staged a combined event in which 1,000 NOVA NFTs were distributed to HAPE community NFT holders and HAPE badge holders.

Event link 👉

Technical Report

Mainnet V1.0 — Optimization

• Optimised account for Nonce order sending requirements, now it is fully compatible with Ethereum’s Nonce mechanism.

Block Browser V1.1 — Upgrade:

• Completed the development of all functions of the API module used by browser developers, and prepared API function testing;

• Wrote the function module after the browser user logs in: Watch List.

Testnet V2.0 (Pegasus) — Development Progress:

• Development of MetaNebula VerificationNode: continued coding development of the transaction parallel execution engine.

Edge Rendering System — Business System:

• Conducted comprehensive testing of resource-side business processes

• Commenced the front-end and back-end development coding of the application

  • Wrote subsystem design scheme and interface documents of the blockchain part of deposit and withdrawal.

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