Caduceus Weekly Report 19

For information on the listing of $CMP on the exchange and the sale of $CMP tokens, please only refer to official Caduceus social media channels.

Please also note that $CMP is not listed on any DEX or PancakeSwap and will not be released on any other public chains. Please be mindful of fraudulent information and counterfeit tokens to protect your investments.

Ecology & Operation

The official Caduceus token will be listed on Bybit on July 25th. Bybit is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges with over 10 million users.


The $CMP token of the Caduceus project will also be listed on the MEXC digital trading platform on July 25th. In addition, $CMP will be joined the M-Day program organized by MEXC, which will airdrop 62,000 $CMP to event attendees.


In the third “Vote to List” event of digital asset trading platform Bitget, $CMP got over 17 million votes, which has surpassed 354%. CMP will also be listed on Bitget on July 25th. The two parties intend to organize a series of events with a prize pool of $40,000 CMP.


The first community badge NFT issued by Caduceus, “Nova”, was featured as a CMC-Spotlight project and was suggested for the homepage of the CoinMarketCap website.

On July 21st, GameSol joined Caduceus. GameSol is an online multiplayer P2P P2E robo war metaverse game.

On July 22nd, Spume joined Caduceus. Spume is a community-governed, holder-owned NFT marketplace.

On July 22nd, Light Cycle will be introduced into the Caduceus ecosystem as the first metaverse platform incubated by Caduceus.

Light Cycle is a 3D metaverse platform tailored for fashion, entertainment, gaming, filming, music, sports, real estate, retail and NFT powered by Caduceus’ unique decentralized edge rendering power,

On July 23rd, Caduceus announced a partnership with Lord Ian Botham. Both parties want to bring cricket to the metaverse and will establish a unique NFT on the Light Cycle platform.

About Lord Ian Botham;

Ian Botham is not merely the top English cricketer of the 1980s but the leading sports personality. He commanded endless newspaper headlines as his career surged improbably and within a year of being elevated from Somerset to his England debut in 1977, he was undisputed as the country’s leading all-rounder.

On July 21st, Caduceus and Crypto Gaming United (CGU) entered into a strategic partnership to provide players with more engaging metaverse games and perks.

On July 18th, the official release of Caduceus’ first community badge NFT, “Nova”. Users who have previously engaged in community reward activities and Discord OG’s can check on the official website to see if they are qualified to get it and can Mint on the unique page.

Mint link:

On July 21st, Caduceus CTO Matt McGuire hosted an AMA in the Bitget community, a digital asset trading platform and awarded participants with $CMP.

On July 22nd, Caduceus and 3D NFT fashion brand, HAPE, hosted an AMA session on Twitter Space. The Caduceus team said that they would mix gaming, commerce and entertainment with HAPE to create a 3D GameFi experience that would enable users to order and purchase digital fashion garments and accessories from real-world partner businesses.

On July 23rd, Caduceus hosted an AMA for the MEXC community. MEXC community members were exposed to the value of CMP tokens through a digital asset trading platform, which also awarded $CMP to participants.

On July 24th, Caduceus held an AMA event in the Crypto Gaming United (CGU) community introducing the Caduceus project concept and ecological development to the CGU community users. The event discussed that they would work with CGU to bring a better chain game economy to metaverse users. $CMP rewards were given to participants.

Also on July 24th, Caduceus held an AMA in the Crypto Gaming United (CGU) community, revealing the Caduceus project concept and ecological development to CGU community members and stating that they will collaborate with CGU to deliver a better chain gaming economy to Metaverse users. Participants were given $CMP as rewards.

Caduceus and Bybit will undertake a series of incentive events to commemorate the listing of $CMP on Bybit on July 25th.

* Deposit to Earn from 200,000 $CMP Prize Pool

* Stake to Earn up to 666% APY With a 600,000 $CMP Prize Pool

* Trade to Earn From a 100,000 $CMP Prize Pool

There are plenty of other benefits awaiting you! Please continue to follow Caduceus and Bybit on Twitter, YouTube, and their respective communities for more information.

Event link:

Caduceus technical report

Mainnet V1.0

Technical docking:

  • Completed the technical connection with ByBit, MEXC and BitGet exchanges and provided them with technical support related to node construction and update.


  • Completed the front-end coding of the DAG consensus process demonstration page to realize dynamic data display by time process.

Block Browser V1.1 — Optimization:

  • Began to design the program module of the currency price docking module, and prepared the dock price’s API interface.

Testnet V2.0 (Pegasus) — Development Progress

Development of MetaNebula VerificationNode:

  • Continued to write the NeuronTx module
  • Completed the function coding of the NeuronTx cache broadcast from the P2P transaction execution network to the Neuron transaction pool.
  • Completed the coding of the MapReduce parallel pipeline sub-module part, which is responsible for parallel execution of transaction decoding and signature verification checks.

Edge Rendering

Business system:

  • Prototyping — Completed application-side configuration, upload, review, and economic prototyping.
  • Front-end development — Optimized the frame request method.
  • Back-end development — Completed dictionary management related interfaces, complete resource management related interface development

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