Caduceus Weekly Report 11

Caduceus set record numbers for BitKeep Launchpad with 1286% Oversubscribed

On May 26th, Anonverse joined Caduceus. Anonverse is a first Multi-element decentralized autonomous application platform that integrates fully with decentralized non-custodial protocol, security solutions, GameFi and DAO.

On May 27th, MetroGalaxy joined Caduceus. MetroGalaxy is a Metaverse project that uniquely blends a social platform with an online virtual game, allowing its players to role-play as anyone they wish.

On May 27th, Pyramid Walk joined Caduceus. Pyramid Walk to Earn is a health and wealth lifestyle app, in which users can earn $PYRA by Walking with Pyramid NFT Sneakers.

1. The Caduceus Community Event is ongoing. All Cadets participating in the Caduceus community’s development will have the opportunity to win Caduceus NFT badges and CMP airdrops! NFT badge holders will enjoy many exclusive rights and rewards in the Caduceus ecosystem!

Event link:

The Caduceus Content Creation Event has launched. Caduceus invites Cadets, it’s loyal community members, to join our creator’s team and create Caduceus brand & technical content. Outstanding content creators will have the opportunity to win CMP tokens and limited NFTs! The event runs from May 27th, 2022 to June 10th, 2022.

Event link:

Caduceus and Anonverse will commence a series of joint activities. The first activity will be an airdrop event, in which 1,000 CMPs airdrops will be distributed to participants. Stay tuned and stay up to date with ongoing activities!

Event link:

4. Caduceus and Nabox have commenced their joint airdrop activity. Complete all the requirements to have the opportunity to share 5,000 CMPs with other winners. The activity will end on May 31st.

Event link:

5、Caduceus and PlaySky have commenced their joint airdrop event. Participate in the event and complete all event requirements. Lucky winners will have the opportunity to receive a total of 1500 CMP tokens + 100,000,000 PLS airdrop rewards. The event ends on May 30th.

Event link:

6、Caduceus and ONTO wallet commenced their joint activity. If participants complete all the tasks on Gleam, they will have the opportunity to share 2,400 CMPs. The activity ends on May 31.

Event link:

7. The Caduceus Egg Hunt event has now officially ended. Thank you to all participants who took part in the hunt and submitted their answers. Congratulations to the lucky winners, who will shares 700,000 CMP token prize and 500 WL between them. The list of winners will be announced soon.

Mainnet V1.0

• Updated DAPP docking and technical assistance system.

• Assisted in ONTO wallet’s docking, modified RPC node, provided CORS support for iOS/Android APP.

• Solved browser issues, optimized the compatibility of the Ethereum JSON RPC eth_getLog interface, and analyzed “traceTransaction” and obtained event records of coin transactions in the contract.

Block Browser V1.1 — Optimization:

• Solved the bug within the browser during “traceTransaction”, fixed the problem of CMP transfers in the smart contract.

• Solved the bug of non CRC20 smart contract, fixed transfer features in the browser.

Pegasus V2.0 Development Progress:

• Development of MetaRing GatewayNode:

Started coding the Ethereum RLP transaction parsing module, and performed P2P routing splitting. According to the transaction from and to fields we ensured that nonce verification will not be caused by inconsistencies in the state; at the same time, this module is responsible for pre-checking transactions to prevent a large number of forged transactions.

Started coding the transaction pool module which is responsible for intercepting and pre-checking features, and the transaction will be sent to the consensus node through the P2P network at the maximum rate supported by the system. In addition, the huge number of MetaRing nodes will prevent DDos attacks.

Friday, May 27, 2022

• Developed MetaNebula verification nodes and started writing basic data structures like blocks, transactions, receipts, logs, and etc.

• CUDA core library: Continued to write CUDA language form code compatible with lib-secp256k1, and apply GPU parallel acceleration.

• Completed the H264/H265 format video compression algorithm in the video coding module of the edge rendering system.

• Started coding the RTMP/RTCP streaming media protocol module.

• Completed the UX design of the system, and start to write the front-end framework of the resource management page.








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