Caduceus V2.0: $CMP will be officially replaced with osCMP

2 min readJan 17, 2024

Following the conclusion of voting regarding the Caduceus Mainnet V2.0 upgrade proposal, we were pleased to obtain the consensus of the community to proceed with the upgrade, and officially started the process of upgrading the Caduceus Mainnet to V2.0.

Voting was open between 14th and 21st December 2023
The proposal passed with a total of 3774022.9112 (YES) votes to 244861.0043 (NO)

$CMP will be officially replaced with osCMP

In the next few days we will provide the link for exchanging your $CMP for osCMP via smart contract.

The time window for token exchange will be 3 months long, from January 22nd 00:00 UTC to April 21st 23:59 UTC, 2024

All $CMP holders are kindly requested to action their exchanges of CMP to osCMP as soon as possible.

In line with the Caduceus 2.0 upgrade proposal rules, any $CMP that has not been exchanged for osCMP during the time window will not be able to be exchanged for osCMP in the future, nor will it be tradeable on exchanges.

Meanwhile, the CMP2.0 token (ERC20) will gradually begin listing on various exchanges (further announcements to follow).

Thank you again to all users in the community for your efforts and participation at this exciting time for Caduceus!




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