Caduceus Protocol: 2024 Roadmap

2 min readMar 19, 2024

An overview of our upcoming milestones


New Whitepaper Released

Our updated technical whitepaper will be released towards the end of this month.

New CEO announcement

A new CEO will be appointed to lead Caduceus Protocol into its next chapter of development. Keep an eye on our official channels for the official announcement.

Community AMA

We are planning a community AMA to answer questions from our community members and investors regarding the Mainnet 2.0 upgrade.


$CMP - osCMP Exchange Deadline

As mentioned in our previous article, all $CMP must be exchanged for osCMP before April 21st 2024, 23:59 (23:59 UTC). Full details here.

Testnet V2.0 Goes Live

As the next stage of the Mainnet 2.0 upgrade, the Testnet V2.0 will go live in April.


Mining on Testnet

We will welcome miners to assist with testing. This test period will last 1 month, and any tokens mined during testing can be mapped onto the Mainnet 2.0 as $CAD in the future. Keep an eye on official announcements for full details.


Fundraising Round Complete

We aim to complete our Series B fundraising round in June, enabling us to continue growing and building upon our existing tech infrastructure.

July onwards

The official launch of Mainnet 2.0 is dependent on the successful testing of the Testnet. Once testing is completed, the Mainnet will be ready to go live.

The focus for the remainder of the year will be establishing new partnerships and growing the ecosystem.

We are also finalising details of our Caduceus VR Headset, which will integrate with dApps built on Caduceus empowering users with unparalleled immersive experiences.

Thank you to everyone in the Caduceus community for being a part of our journey — we’ve got an exciting few months ahead!

The Caduceus Team.




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