Caduceus partners with XP.NETWORK to enable cross-chain NFT migration

3 min readJan 18, 2023

In order for the metaverse to become widely adopted, new and improved tech solutions are essential. Caduceus is a blockchain protocol designed to support metaverse applications with decentralised real-time edge rendering. The year 2022 saw many promising steps forward in terms of the technology, systems, and tools that are key to metaverse development, which has laid the foundations for its widespread adoption.

For NFT projects and metaverse apps, the Caduceus blockchain can support up to 100,000 transactions per second at a cost of around $0.0001 per transaction, which outshines most existing public chains in terms of performance and transaction costs. In addition, it is compatible with EVM and Ethereum token standards (ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, and ERC998), allowing developers to integrate their dApps with the Caduceus chain in a single click. However, there still remains the issue of how to bridge their NFTs. Introducing XP.NETWORK, a robust but simple bridging solution, now part of the Caduceus ecosystem.

XP.NETWORK operates a multi-chain NFT bridge, which allows users to transfer NFTs freely and cheaply between blockchains in their network. Each transaction is easy, secure, and inexpensive.

Caduceus and XP.NETWORK have begun a partnership and will work together to develop an interoperable multi-chain NFT creation and use function, enabling users to create and access NFT assets across multiple chains. At the back-end, Caduceus will also offer a set of SDKs and rendering tools that are simple and convenient to use. Upon integration, creators will be able to design NFT dApps without coding, and NFT cross-chain migration will be possible via straightforward procedures. Going forward, NFTs in the Caduceus ecosystem will become accessible to any user on any chain, bolstering the interoperability of all metaverse projects.

How to bridge to and from Caduceus with XP.NETWORK and MetaMask

To start using XP.NETWORK with Caduceus, you’ll need to add the CMP network to MetaMask. In your wallet, click on the current network, then on ‘Add a Network’ and enter the following parameters:

Name: Caduceus


Chain ID: 256256

Symbol: CMP

Block Scan URL:

CMP will appear on the list of networks in MetaMask. The next step is to buy some CMP on KuCoin,, MEXC, ByBit or another exchange and withdraw them to your MetaMask wallet. You’ll need some CMP to pay gas fees if you bridge an NFT from Caduceus to another chain. If you bridge from another blockchain to Caduceus, however, all fees (gas and the XP.NETWORK bridging fee) will be in the origin chain tokens (BNB, MATIC etc).

Next, connect your wallet to the bridge(, choose the origin chain (from which you’ll be bridging) and Caduceus as the destination chain. Enter your MetaMask address as the recipient address — since your MetaMask address is the same on all the chains that you add to it. If it’s your first time bridging, start with something of minor value, like an NFT from a game.

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