Caduceus Global Ambassador Program

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Caduceus is pleased to invite blockchain enthusiasts from around the globe onto a new journey with the Caduceus Ambassador Program.

Caduceus is looking to recruit partners, who are keen to assist them in expanding networks and provide valuable blockchain resource recommendations and marketing and planning strategy inputs. In return are various exclusive incentives including CMP tokens and whitelists.

Together with your help, Caduceus can create something amazing globally.

Location: Global

Registration Form:

Recruitment requirements:

  1. Ambassadors have to be passionate about the blockchain and have experience in the industry.
  2. They must have relative resources, for example: ecology, community, media, KOL, miners and technology.
  3. They need to stay consistent with Caduceus brand and values, and be willing to grow and develop together.
  4. They need to be passionate about cryptocurrency and have relevant experience, with enough time and industry awareness to interact with community users for a long time.

Types of Ambassadors

Ecosystem Ambassador

  • Recommend local projects/capital/institutions to Caduceus and help build relationships and facilitate business cooperation with them.
  • Dedicated to promoting Caduceus’ ecological development in the local area.

Community Ambassador

  • Work with communities within Discord/Telegram/Facebook and can help Caduceus to build and manage local communities, translate and produce community and media materials.
  • Promote the Caduceus brand to more people and strengthen the Caduceus community consensus.
  • You are a KOL of social media (Twitter/Instagram/Youtube), and can use your own channel to create Caduceus content and promote the brand.

Miner Development Ambassador

  • Recommend miner resources to Caduceus.
  • Assist in building relationships and facilitate business collaboration with miners.

Tech Ambassador

  • Contribute to the improvement of Caduceus’ underlying technology and development environment through plug-in tool development, security vulnerability search, ecological project development, technical community building, and other ways.


Caduceus provides partners with exclusive CMP incentives, ecological whitelist, and the opportunity to participate in Caduceus’ online and offline meetings according to KPI.

Business Development Ambassador KPI

Recommend at least 8 local projects per month

Considered ‘successful’ when:

  1. Establishes a communication channel for the related Caduceus BD Team.
  2. At least 5 projects are successfully deployed on the Caduceus ecosystem in one month.

Community Ambassador KPI

Create and manage local communities, translate and produce community and media materials.

Considered ‘successful’ when:

  1. The community has at least 1,000 organic members in the first month with a minimum 25% active rate.
  2. Retweet and create social media text content (20 per month), create social media video (2–4 per month), create PR (one per week).

Miner Development Ambassador KPI

Recommend at least 8 group of miner resources per month

Considered ‘successful’ when:

  1. Miner starts mining at Caduceus’ mining pool.

Tech Ambassador KPI

Recommend at least 5 developers per month

Considered ‘successful’ when:

  1. Involved in our hackathon program.

Terms and conditions

  • All actions of the Ambassador shall be conducted under Caduceus official authorization.
  • Any behaviour that may damage the Caduceus brand image is not allowed.
  • Ambassador is not to use the Caduceus name for personal gain.
  • Caduceus officially reserves the right of final interpretation of the event and the right to legal recourse.

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