Caduceus 2022 Rewind

At Caduceus, we’re constantly striving to build a large-scale metaverse platform. In terms of supporting various uses of the metaverse, Caduceus will also incubate high-quality projects built on the network, and hopes to support a new generation of talented and innovative entrepreneurs to start working on future projects. Although 2022 may have been a cold winter for the crypto market, Caduceus continues to build, and the innovators will continue to innovate.

Caduceus has achieved a lot in 2022, and this is all thanks to our creators, developers, partners, fans, and everyone who has helped in making the Caduceus ecosystem succeed. For 2023, the sky’s the limit!

Looking back through 2022, we can see:

  • 97 project partners joined the Caduceus ecosystem
  • 577 smart contracts were deployed on the Caduceus network
  • 237,274 unique addresses added
  • 369,060 highest transaction numbers in single day on the Caduceus chain

On March 27th, Caduceus launched the second hackathon with a total bonus of $100,000. The theme of the second hackathon was to find and solve bugs in the Caduceus network. At the end of the campaign, no bugs were found!

On March 30th, Caduceus received $4 million for its first round of strategic financing. The financing was co-led by Susquehanna International Group and BlockFills with Bin Zayed Group, Qredo, TokenInsight, Nukkleus, Digital RFQ, Luna VC and legendary football superstar John Terry.

On April 2nd, Caduceus released its first branded trailer video, which included hidden logos that our followers were tasked to locate. Finding all the hidden logos within the video would lead to huge prizes.

On April 22nd, Caduceus Telegram added channels in French, German, Russian, Chinese and Arabic.

On April 25th, the Caduceus Mainnet officially went online!

On May 5th, Caduceus entered into a strategic partnership with the fashion 3D NFT brand HAPE to accelerate the integration of fashion brands with Web3, and create new opportunities for web fashion.

On May 10th, Caduceus was officially added onto CoinMarketCap.

On May 11th, Caduceus entered into a partnership with KtsCapital, one of Vietnam’s best known encrypted capitals.

On June 6th, CoinHub, BitKeepWallet, and ONTOWallet officially began supporting the Caduceus network, as well as CMP tokens.

On June 8th, Caduceus partnered with Bin Zayed Group to bring the city of Dubai to you, using virtual reality technology to create a real urban environment in the metaspace.

On June 13th, Caduceus partnered with Anonverse and launched its IDO on V.Launchpad and set a new platform record with a total of $32,000 CMP that sold out in five minutes.

On June 22nd, Caduceus joined Freeway and Luno in Crypto AM’s Unlocking Summer Party and joined Crypto AM’s 4th birthday.

On July 13th, the first online round table hosted by Caduceus was launched. MetaTalk is a place for discussing the features and benefits of the Caduceus Metaverse Protocol, where all partners have the chance to debate all aspects of the project. Members of MetaTalk will investigate the unique value and future growth of Metaverse applications in the ecosystem. Through activities and airdrops, the integrated application presented during the talk encouraged users to be part of the debate and share their opinions.

On July 14th, the CBIA Summer Conference Summit was held in London, UK. As one of the main sponsors of the conference, Caduceus was invited to attend the Summit. The Caduceus project team exchanged with elite representatives from various fields and explored how to radically change the direction of Web 3.0 and AI development & application. They also reached an agreement on future cooperation in many other areas.

On July 15th, Caduceus first community NFT “Nova” was officially released with a total supply of 1500. Nova NFTs were given free to loyal community members and provided holders with many special benefits, such as airdrops and whitelist spots. At the same time, Nova was added to CoinMarketCap, became a CMC-Spotlight project and was featured on the first page of its website.

On July 16th, Metaverse Summit 2022 was held in Paris, France. Caduceus was invited to attend the Summit as a representative of the emerging projects in the Web3 and Metaverse domains, as well as being sponsors of the event. Tim Bullman, CEO of Caduceus, engaged with the audience during his speech about the impact of blockchain technology on the Metaverse.

On July 21st, Caduceus made a strategic partnership with Crypto Gaming United (CGU) to bring more interesting Metaverse games and new digital economies to users.

On July 22nd, LightCycle officially landed in the Caduceus ecosystem as its first dedicated Metaverse platform. LightCycle is a 3D Metaverse platform built for fashion, entertainment, games, movies, music, sports, real estate, retail, and NFTs.

On July 23rd, Caduceus partnered with British sports legend Lord Ian Botham to bring cricket to the Metaverse, releasing an exclusive NFT collection on the LightCycle platform.

On July 25th, Bybit, MEXC and Bitget, some of the world’s leading digital asset trading platforms, announced the listing of the Caduceus native coin, $CMP. With these trading platforms, exclusive airdrops, staking and AMA activities will be launched.

In July, Caduceus made it to the ONTO Wallet ‘Top 10 most popular public chains’ list.

On August 1st, the official Caduceus website was updated. This update mainly involved redesigning the user experience to make the new version of the website clearer and richer in content.

On August 3rd, Charles Read, an investor in encryption and renowned NFT collector, officially joined the Caduceus advisory team. Charles will provide strategic direction for the construction of the Caduceus ecosystem and the development of Caduceus technology.

On August 3rd, NewsBTC, the world-renowned encrypted news media, conducted an exclusive interview with Tim Bullman, co-founder and CEO of Caduceus. As an indispensable and important part of building the Metaverse, Caduceus will help create the mainstream applications of the Metaverse and promote its diversified development. The article made headlines on the homepage of NewsBTC.

On August 8th, Lawrence Dallaglio, the former captain of England and legend of the World Rugby Football Hall of Fame, and Rugby World Cup champion, was appointed by Caduceus as Global Strategy Advisor to bring sport into the Metaverse.

In August the Caduceus Global Ambassador Recruitment Program was officially launched.

On August 22nd, $CMP listed on trading platform and launched CMP/USDT spot trading pairs.

On August 22nd, Caduceus and its incubated 3D Metaspace platform, LightCycle, entered into a strategic partnership with Hollywood studio One Van Films. NFT and DAO will be used in One Van Films Future movie production to reward loyal fans and supporters by creating an IP economy and behind-the-scenes access to combat the challenges faced by the traditional film industry.

On September 1st, joined Caduceus as the first DEX in the ecosystem.

On September 5th, Caduceus added further regional community groups to Telegram, including Japan, France, India, Brazil and South Korea.

On September 15th, $CMP officially listed on KuCoin exchange and launched CMP/USDT trading pairs.

On September 22nd, $CMP officially listed on CoinW exchange and launched CMP/USDT trading pairs.

On October 11th, Caduceus had over 80,000 followers on CoinMarketCap.

On October 27th, $CMP listed on EasyCoins, India’s well-known digital asset exchange.

On November 15th, the AIBC Europe Blockchain Summit officially kicked off in Malta. As one of the key partners of the event, the Caduceus team was invited to Malta to attend the summit. The Caduceus speaker took part in panel discussions with various industry experts on topics such as decentralised edge rendering technology, the Metaverse, and how these will enable the transformation and development of Web2 businesses.

On November 16th, Caduceus and hosted the NFT World Cup event. This is the first football NFT collection minted on the Caduceus chain. During the event, participants could sell and trade NFT cards from World Cup teams, giving them the chance to split the exclusive rewards.

On November 22nd, Caduceus Metaverse Protocol officially launched the Web3.0 incubator M4TTER, along with the Caduceus Ecosystem Grants program, which provides up to $10,000 in funding for promising projects and will support the development of blockchain projects related to the Metaverse, DeFi, NFT, and GameFi.

On November 26th, The E-VERSE platform hosted a Metaverse concert powered by Caduceus. The performers were Neha and Tony Kakkar, two of India’s most well-known and best-loved Bollywood singers and YouTube artists. This was their debut Metaverse performance, leading the way for other artists to explore these new opportunities brought about by Web3.

Caduceus was nominated by ONTO Wallet for ‘Top 10 Most Used Chains’ In November 2022.

On December 8th, Caduceus’ key partner, Hape, have launched their online marketplace, in which users can buy items using $CMP to personalise their Hape avatars

From December 10th to December 24th, Caduceus launched the “Caduceus Christmas Fan Art” competition to celebrate the arrival of Christmas, and delivered massive festive benefits to community users.

Caduceus has been incubating the 3D Metaverse platform LightCycle, which is soon to be available for beta testing. It is expected to offer unique virtual pavilions and functions, providing users with an innovative virtual world experience.

On 14th December, Our Head of Sports advisor Lawrence Dallaglio gave SportTechie an overview about Caduceus and how we’re bringing sports to the Metaverse!

On 20th December, we were very happy to announce that we’ve been added to the XP Network bridge. This means users can now transfer NFTs from a family of over 20 major networks to Caduceus!

We will update you all with our plans and expectations for 2023 in the coming days. In the meantime, Happy New Year!

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